Transparency of information

We are committed to the best information disclosure and transparency practices and to the creation of honest relationships with stakeholders.  Find documents, links, and valuable information that demonstrate our commitment to transparency and compliance with the law.

1. Contact channels
2. Useful information

Open data:

You can find all the public information about energy transmission in our website.

News and additional information:

Information for children and teenagers:

Lear about our “Aprendamos con energía” virtual classroom in INTERCOLOMBIA’s website.

Studies, research, and other publications:


Events calendar:

Additional information:

General or additional information that is useful to users, citizens, or stakeholders.


INTERCOLOMBIA is our energy transmission company in Colombia. To find its glossary, check out the following link.


3. Organizational structure and human talent

Organization chart:

Directory of information about public officers and contractors:

Processes and procedures:

Directory of entities:

Main Organizations or Associations related to our business


4. Regulations

Supplier contracting standards:

Regulations on the Energy Transmission business:

5. Budget
6. Planning

Policies, guidelines, and manuals:

Management objectives and indicators:

The management objectives and indicators are published in the Annual.

Procurement plan

Strategic plans:


Our projects are executed by INTERCOLOMBIA by virtue of the agency with representation in execution.

7. Management, evaluation, and audit reports

Our management and/or performance goals, objectives, and indicators can be found in the corporate reports delivered to shareholders during the Meeting.

8. Contracting

Publication of Supply Procedures, Guidelines, and Policies

9. Procedures and services

ISA  doesn’t   acts as a service  provider for citizens, that  is why  we don’t  have any   processes in  which  citizens can present to the company specific inquires. Considering this we don’t offer protocols, costs, or forms to do this processes. 

All requirements or  inquires that as a citizen you wish to present to ISA  you can do them  through or contact  site.

10. Public information management tools

Information asset registry:

Index of Classified and Reserved Information:

Confidential information is the information that meets the criteria set forth in the following standards: Law 1581 of 2012; Article 18 of Law 1712 of 2014; Article 77 of Law 1474 of 2011; Article 24 of Law 1437 of 2011; Article 32 of Law 142 of 1994, and Article 61 of the Code of Commerce.

Information publication scheme:

Index of Classified and Reserved Information:

Under the corporate structuring scheme, our documents are managed by INTERCOLOMBIA according to the parameters established by said company.

Document retention schedules:

Publication registry:

Complaint and claim mechanisms:

Report of petitions, complaints, and claims: