To strengthen its relationship with stakeholders, ISA provides them timely and transparent information, promotes spaces for dialogue and construction, and contributes to the sustainable development and well-being of society.

Discover how we build the future we dream of together.

We attract, develop and retain human talent, within a framework of clear, respectful, equitable and fair work relationships that create an environment of trust and comprehensive development.

We respect and promote the Rule of Law, and contribute to the construction of a favorable environment for the provision of services by promoting transparency and clear rules.

We grow profitably, maintain good governance practices and ensure the sustainability of companies.

We provide a transparent and equitable treatment, based on efficiency and competitiveness criteria.

We provide services with quality, opportunity and competitive prices, aimed at satisfying your needs and building long-term relationships together.

We carry out comprehensive social management and we become a relevant actor in the construction of a favorable environment for development.


Each year, ISA presents spaces for dialogue with its stakeholders to share the most relevant events of our management, with the objective of receiving comments and measuring their perception of our company, as well as the fulfillment of the commitments defined.

ISA is committed to develop, strengthen, and promote mechanisms of relationship and commitment to its stakeholders to:

  • Promote relations that are ethical, transparent, constructive, and respectful of Human Rights.
  • Generate communication channels that provide information and ensure spaces for dialogue.
  • Strengthen relationships based on trust and legitimacy.
  • Provide timely information of public interest.
  • Contribute to sustainable development and well-being of our society.

Shareholders Line:

  • Toll-free: 01 8000 11 5000
  • Medellín: +57 (604) 4442555
  • Ethics Line: 01 8000 94 1341

Pursuant to Decree 491 of 2020, all requests from citizens will be addressed through:

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