Human rights connection

ISA takes specific actions to avoid violations and improve knowledge about human rights, contributing to the construction of a transparent, constructive, and respectful society.

ISA understands Human Rights as moral attributes that are inherent in each person and are inalienable and universal. Respect for these rights is a moral and ethical imperative that is ratified by our policies, activities, and participation in spaces for local, regional, and national discussion.

For this reason, ISA voluntarily adheres to the Global Compact and follows the United Nations Guiding Principles to “protect, respect and remedy” Human Rights in the corporate environment, progressively aligning our practices and creating our own instruments such as policies, guides, guidelines, and declarations to facilitate this implementation.

ISA has the Corporate Guideline 48, promulgating the respect and promotion of Human Rights and the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Regarding safety and Human Rights, the good practices contained in the “Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights” guide is our reference. This guide allows companies to maintain safety of operations within a framework that guarantees respect for Human Rights and fundamental freedoms. ISA voluntarily adheres to this instrument, progressively aligning its practices and to ease its implementation.


ISA is voluntarily committed to achieving progressively higher standards of quality and excellence inspired by our corporate values and principles, expressing specific manifestations of human rights.

This is why ISA has declared its commitment to Human Rights, providing a group of mandatory instruments that guide its actions and those of its companies.


Human Rights and Companies online course

ISA has developed an online course on Human Rights to ensure that they are fully respected throughout our value chain.

Due diligence

Due Diligence guides companies in adopting good practices that enable them to discover, prevent, and mitigate the risks of violating Human Rights. Obtain relevant information about how to achieve responsible corporate behavior and learn more about the Company’s progress.

Human Rights and Companies Public Policy

ISA is a relevant stakeholder in society, so it follows the guidelines through which this public policy is implemented. ISA believes in the importance of working to promote an articulated action between the State and companies for the promotion of Human Rights.

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