Sustainable value

ISA’s strategy for 2030 seeks the creation of Sustainable Value, which allows us to go beyond the generation of solely economic value. It is our great commitment to generate value over time, not only for shareholders but also to create a positive social and environmental impact, ensuring corporate validity.

Achievements at the ISA are the result of the efforts of different stakeholders. Therefore, we share with our stakeholders the result of our management in 2021, with the most relevant milestones and events in this history that we are building together.

This is how we understand Sustainable Value:

Generate value to shareholders

We deliver the best financial results to our shareholders and continue to generate value over time.

Create a positive social and
environmental impact

We ensure our future and renew our social contract, taking actions for the protection of the environment and the socio-economic development of the communities.

Ensure Corporate Validity

We transcend the need to generate strictly economic value, ensuring corporate validity and creating a legacy for future generations.

All daily actions and decisions are determined by how ISA is related internally and to the world.


We work to proactively minimize the environmental impact and promote initiatives for its protection.


Taking advantage of opportunities derived from technological evolution and trends.


We build capacities to face business challenges and promote entrepreneurship ecosystem.



Seal of strategic alliances to meet common objectives.


ISA is the largest energy transmission company in Latin America.


ISA designs, builds, operates, and maintains hundreds of kilometers in Colombia and Chile.


Through Internexa, ISA offers digital solutions to different industries in Latin America (from Florida to Patagonia).

Our strategy is related to global sustainability initiatives

We have joined the most important challenges of the planet

We contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

ISA2030 strategy helps us define the SDG.

We are part of the most relevant sustainability indices worldwide

Since 2015, ISA has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) among the 20 first energy companies worldwide.

At ISA, transformation and impact are transversal

We transcend borders with our sustainability programs to positively impact the environment and society.


ISA, in a technical alliance with South Pole and Panthera, contributes to the mitigation of climate change, improves the quality of life of rural communities, and recovers and connects the natural habitats across the jaguar corridor in Latin America.


ISA strengthens the educational ecosystem’s capacities to generate transformations in the areas of influence. This is our contribution for present and future generations.


An initiative for those who believe that promoting positive environmental and social impact starts with small actions.