Juan Emilio Posada ends his tenure at ISA with historically high levels of profits and business.

  • Under his leadership, ISA won deals that will increase energy transmission and road infrastructure in the region by USD 4.5 billion and 5,300 km.
  • The growth rate and success rate in international bids was more than four times the historical record.
  • With seven years to go, 92.7% of the investments made and committed by 2030 have been met.

Juan Emilio Posada will step down as CEO of ISA on January 2 after 18 months of management in which the organization not only achieved important cultural changes in terms of innovation, safety, and agile methodology, but also historically high levels of profitability. It is estimated that 2023 will close with a net result of close to USD 625 million.

One of Posada’s management emphases was business growth and consolidation. In this field, new contracts, and acquisitions for close to USD 4.5 billion and 5,300 km in Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Colombia stand out. This growth rate and the success rate in international bids was more than four times the historical record. This represented the consolidation of ISA’s leadership in Latin America as the main transmitter of high voltage energy and a key enabler of the continent’s energy transition.

At the end of his term, it was reported that, of ISA’s goal of investing USD 12,650 million by 2030, USD 11,591 million had already been achieved between developed and committed investments. This represents a compliance rate of 92.7%.

Among the most relevant milestones in terms of awards are the Santiago Orbital Sur Concession (Chile) where ISA submitted the best bid (pending formal award). This is the first urban project to be promoted by the company, bringing the total number of routes under construction and operation in Chile and Colombia to 860 kilometers.

Likewise, in the energy business, ISA won the largest bidding in energy transmission projects in recent years in Peru. With this award, the company increased its leadership position in this country by reaching a national market share of 75% and enabling the entry of clean energies into the system.

Undoubtedly, another of ISA’s outstanding achievements under Juan Emilio’s leadership was the award of three projects in Brazil in the largest public bidding in the country’s history, which will contribute EBITDA margins of over 90% to the company. The total estimated investment for the three projects is approximately USD 1.15 billion.

Juan Emilio also gave a boost to the Telecommunications business with the definition of the Internexa 2.0 strategy, which focuses on Internexa as a high-speed data connectivity network infrastructure company in Colombia and Peru.

In the social field, during his term as CEO, Juan Emilio promoted the creation of ISA Impact, a social innovation program, which aims to provide access to good quality electric power and data connectivity to communities in the areas of direct influence of ISA’s 50,000 kms of linear infrastructure in Latin America. The Conexión Desarrollo program was also strengthened (with a pilot of COP 9 billion, 42 thousand students benefited and close to 1,000 families with productive projects on Colombia’s Atlantic Coast).

During his time in office, ISA achieved carbon neutrality certification in five countries where it operates in Latin America (transmission company certified by ICONTEC with the largest geographic coverage).

These outstanding results placed ISA among the most relevant and influential multi-Latin companies on the continent, giving it awards such as the ALAS20 Colombia 2023 Company, the bronze medal in the Global Sustainability Yearbook and a relevant position among the 20 best performing energy companies in the world in the Dow Jones indicator.

“I leave with the satisfaction of having fulfilled my duty and with the joy of having contributed, from my knowledge and experience, to strengthen ISA’s leadership in all its businesses and lines of action. I will no longer be part of a team of more than 4,700 people convinced of the importance of security, agile methodology and an innovative approach to achieve excellence,” concluded Juan Emilio Posada Echeverri.

ISA’s Board of Directors appointed Gabriel Jaime Melguizo Posada, current Chief Energy Transmission Officer, as interim CEO from January 3, 2024 and until the selection, hiring and incorporation of the new CEO is completed. Melguizo has been with the company for more than 25 years, holding important positions in Colombia, Peru, and Brazil.


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