ISA wins two lots in one of the largest tenders in Brazil in recent years

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  • The reference investment of the projects (from the regulator ANEEL) represents 25% of the total bid block.
  • The company increases its presence in Brazil with 1.139 km of new transmission lines, consolidating its position as one of the most important transmission companies in the country.
  • The projects will increase the reliability of Brazil’s electricity system, boost the growth of industry and the progress of its inhabitants, and enable the decarbonization of the energy matrix by transporting renewable energies.

ISA, through ISA CTEEP, one of the most important private power transmission companies in Brazil, won two of the thirteen lots awarded in a public bid held by the Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica (ANEEL) in São Paulo, one of the largest in recent years. With these new projects, ISA continues to consolidate its participation in the Brazilian electricity market, the largest in Latin America, generating progress and development for the country’s inhabitants.

The awarded works have an estimated investment by ANEEL of more than USD 780 million and include 1.139 km of transmission lines with an Annual Allowed Revenue (RAP) of USD 60 million.

Lot 3, located in the states of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo, consists of the construction of 1.139 km of transmission lines, and three new substations, with an estimated investment of USD 730 million. Through this project, renewable energies will be transmitted, contributing to the decarbonization of the energy matrix.

Lot 6, with an estimated investment by ANEEL of USD 50 million, consists of the expansion of the Agua Azul substation, located in the state of Sao Paulo.

The projects will be financed directly by ISA CTEEP both with its own resources and with indebtedness operations in Brazil.

 “Brazil is a relevant market in the region and in constant growth, which represents interesting business opportunities for ISA in the Power Transmission sector. We always seek our participation where we believe we can be competitive and generate adequate levels of profitability for our shareholders, but also those opportunities that contribute to the progress and development of their citizens,” said Juan Emilio Posada, ISA’s CEO.

ISA CTEEP growth and investments

In order to expand its presence in the national territory, the company bases its growth strategy on three pillars: participation in tenders (greenfield projects), investment in reinforcements and improvements, and new businesses, including potential mergers and acquisitions that have synergies with the existing operation.

In recent years, ISA STEEP has won 16 lots in transmission tenders carried out by ANEEL, totaling an expected investment by the regulator of USD 1,9 billion.


With a team of around 1.400 employees, ISA CTEEP is present in 17 Brazilian states, operating a complex transmission grid through which 30% of all electricity transmitted in the country travels and 92% in the State of São Paulo. Its electricity system comprises more than 21.000 kilometers of transmission lines and 137 substations (assets both in operation and under construction).


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