ISA Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting approves the formation of the new Board of Directors and the distribution of dividends

  • The company will deliver to its shareholders the highest ordinary dividend paid so far: COP 1,100 per share for the more than 32,000 shareholders, which is equivalent to 50% of the 2023 income.
  • In the last five years, ISA has generated COP 10 trillion in income and COP 5.1 trillion have been invested in Colombia.
  • Two new members nominated by the pension funds join the Board of Directors.

Thanks to ISA’s outstanding financial results in 2023, the Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting approved the delivery of the highest ordinary dividend in the company’s history.
In the last 6 years, the dividend has grown by 15% (average annual RoR).

The dividend per share will be paid at COP 1,100 for a total of COP 1,229,522 million, equivalent to 50% of the company’s 2023 income, which closed at COP 2.46 trillion.
The dividend will be paid in three equal installments: May 29, July 24, and December 18, 2024.

The Shareholders’ Meeting also approved the creation of an occasional reserve for equity strengthening of COP 1,228,245 million (remaining 50% of the income) in order to meet the investment commitments already acquired and to maintain the company’s financial soundness.

In the last five years, ISA’s net income totaled COP 10 trillion. COP 5.5 trillion was returned to shareholders in dividends and COP 4.5 trillion was allocated as investment reserve. Of this amount, COP 5.1 billion has been reinvested in Colombia in projects that generate progress and development in the country, said Gabriel Melguizo Posada, interim ISA’s CEO.

The Shareholders’ Meeting approved the entry of Juan Pablo Zárate Perdomo and Germán Arce Zapata, both nominated by the pension funds, replacing Santiago Montenegro and Diego Muñoz.

The Board of Directors of ISA, for the statutory period April 2024-March 2026, was formed as follows:

ISA Results in 2023

The company’s results in 2023 were very positive, consolidating ISA as one of the companies that generates the most value in the countries where it is present. This is reflected in its historical income, which reached COP 2.46 trillion in 2023, 11.9% higher than in 2022. At the end of the year, ROE was 15.1% and EBITDA was COP 9.1 trillion, 6% higher than in the previous year. Operating revenues reached COP 14 trillion, an increase of 6%.

Committed to corporate growth and sustainability, the Company reached COP 9.8 trillion in new investments awarded in 2023. Committed investments, pending execution, closed the year at COP 29.9 trillion.

Investments of more than COP 168 billion were made in the environment, and 11 ISA companies in five countries were certified as carbon neutral in their operations, in Scope 1 and Scope 2. Through projects such as Conexión Jaguar, more than 3,000 hectares were protected throughout Latin America and more than 40,000 tons of CO2 equivalent were offset.

In the social area, more than COP 42 billion (voluntary and mandatory) were invested. These resources were used to address issues matters as local development, institutional strengthening, entrepreneurship and productivity, education, health, sport, culture, community infrastructure, among others. We also made significant progress in the implementation of our social management model, Conexión Desarrollo, with important education, entrepreneurship, and infrastructure projects, benefitting approximately 594,000 people in five countries.

Thanks to these results, ISA was chosen among the best energy companies in the Dow Jones Index and as the third most sustainable company in Colombia, according to ALAS20.


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