ISA, included again in the FTSE4Good Index thanks to its good sustainability practices

​For the third year in a row, (2017, 2018, and 2020), the company has been included in the FTSE4Good Index, which measures the performance of companies according to environmental, social, and corporate governance responsibility criteria.​

After a detailed review of our corporate report and other public documents, the FTSE Russell group included ISA in the FTSE4Good Index “due to its compliance with the ethical stock market indices as well as global corporate responsibility standards”.

This index recognizes stock-listed companies who meet global corporate investment standards and implement the best corporate sustainability practices in Environmental dimension: biodiversity, climate change, supply chain, and water saving; Social dimension: customer responsibility, occupational health and safety management, human rights management, community management, labor standards, and procurement management; and Governance dimension: anti-corruption management, corporate governance, risk management, and fiscal transparency.

Being included in the FTSE4Good Index ratifies the company’s consistency with the ISA2030 Strategy, inspired in the creation of sustainable value.

“The fact that ISA is being included in this type of indexes is the result from our commitment to ethics and transparency, sustainability, community development, and a determined strategy to face climate change. More than 25.000 tons of CO2 have been offset in several of our energy companies, which makes us one of the few carbon neutral companies in Colombia. We truly believe that the role companies play must change. Today, more than ever, society needs companies that go beyond business, engage in dialogue, and are environmentally responsible” Bernardo Vargas Gibsone, ISA’s CEO, said.

The FTSE4Good is a key tool for consultants and companies and asset managers for the evaluation and creation of responsible investment products. The FTSE4Good index was launched in 2001 in London to measure companies at the Environmental, Social, and Governance dimensions -besides financial criteria- through the company’s initiatives in sustainability, respect for human rights, and the use of clean energy, among others.


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