ISA Group starts vaccinating its employees in Colombia

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  • The process of immunization is developed within the “Empresas Por La Vacunación” (Companies for Vaccinations) strategy, the first business mass vaccination program in the world, led by the National Government and ANDI.

ISA Group purchased 3.914 doses of Sinovac to vaccinate 1.957 of its employees in ISA and its affiliates in Colombia, as a proof of its commitment to its employees and to the country: ISA INTERCOLOMBIA, ISA TRANSELCA, SIER, XM, INTERNEXA and Ruta Costera, starting today Wednesday July 7, 2021.

The purchase was completed through “Empresas Por La Vacunación”, the first business mass vaccination program in the world, in coordination with the National Government and ANDI, to strengthen the National Vaccination Plan and to contribute to the country’s public health. Employees that will be vaccinated correspond to stages 3, 4, and 5 of the National Vaccination Plan that had not been enabled at the time of purchasing the vaccines.

“We are aware that our well-being is linked to everyone else’s. Therefore, we joined the 5.000 companies that are part of ‘Empresas Por La Vacunación’ to materialize our genuine commitment to well-being, protecting the health and integrity of our employees and their families, while contributing to the economic revival that the country so desperately needs. We are convinced that the only way to move on will be to continue growing in solidarity, co-responsibility, and empathy”, Bernardo Vargas Gibsone, ISA Group CEO, said.

Since the beginning of the health emergency, ISA Group has promoted different actions to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 through Todos Somos Uno, its humanitarian aid program. ISA Group has contributed USD 4,5 million to Latin American countries where it is present, helping with the expansion of hospital capacities and facilitating the access to diagnostic tests and protective supplies.

Now, with the beginning of vaccination of its employees in Colombia, ISA Group ratifies its commitment to contribute to the health of its work teams and to mitigate the pandemic in the country.

Empresas Por La Vacunación

This initiative led by ANDI has welcomed 32 trade associations and organizations of different economic sectors of the country that are interested in vaccinating their employees free of charge. In total, 2.500.000 Sinovac vaccines were purchased, and being a double dose scheme per person, this will help immunizing 1.250.000 employees.

In the words of Bruce Mac Master, president of ANDI: “it is the most important action of solidarity from companies at the time when the country needs it the most. There is no doubt that selfcare and vaccination are the main tools for promoting Colombia’s emotional, health, and productivity reactivation.” Because of the high number of requests from companies wanting to join this immunization process, ANDI stated that new negotiations are expected to continue with the process of purchasing vaccines with the endorsement of the National Government.


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