ISA Group starts the year with solid results that contribute to the progress of the country and the region

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  • For the first quarter of 2021, EBITDA margin reached 63,8%, net income increased 34,2% compared with 1Q20, and ROE reached 17,1%.
  • These positive results are reflected in the development of the country and the region through excellence in the fulfillment of its mission, including clear social benefits and low environmental impact.
  • The combination of results with a forward-looking approach allowed the Group to register important milestones such as the bronze medal awarded by The Sustainability Yearbook for its environmental, social, and corporate governance practices.

“As a result of its mission to contribute to the development of the country, including clear social benefits and low environmental impact, and to advance with discipline in the execution of its 2030 strategy, ISA Group continues to strengthen its value as a solid, efficient, and attractive asset for the national and international market, but also contributing in a transcendent way to issues of global interest such as climate change and to a better future for Colombia and the countries where it has presence”; Bernardo Vargas Gibsone, ISA Group’s CEO, stated when referring to the company’s performance in the first quarter of 2021.

Financially, ROE rose from 15,6% in 2020 to 17,1% as of March of this year, one of the highest in the Group’s history, reflecting its commitment to profitable growth and cost efficiency.

Net income for the first quarter was COP 507.935 million, which represents a growth of 34,2% compared with the same period of 2020, and EBITDA exceeded COP 1,5 trillion pesos, an increase of 14,3% compared with the same period of the previous year. Both figures are mainly explained by the consolidation of new companies such as PBTE in Brazil, Orazul in Peru, and Ruta Costera in Colombia.

Energization leveraged the positive results during the first quarter of the year of the Aguapeí Interconnection in Brazil and the Quellaveco Connection in Peru, plus other projects that started operations after the first quarter of 2020, 

Similarly, operating income reached COP 2,4 trillion, an increase of 14,3% compared with the same period of 2020, and investments of COP 1,9 million were made. The bulk of the investments were made in Brazil, where the acquisition of 100% shares of the company PBTE for approximately COP 1 trillion was completed. The remaining investments were focused on advancing electric power transmission projects in Peru, Colombia, and Chile.

These figures are the result of the company’s commitment and determination to create sustainable value for its investors, stakeholders, and the Latin American region.

Generating sustainable value

For the ISA Group, priorities go beyond efficient service provision and profitable businesses: community development, climate change mitigation, and progress of the countries where it operates are the focus of the company’s work, which is recognized today as a regional and global benchmark in issues that are classified and valued by the market as ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance). In this aspect, milestones for the period are highlighted, such as:

  • Bronze Medal in the Sustainability Yearbook 2021.
  • Signing of the Carbon Neutral Electric Power Sector alliance, through MinEnergía, to make the sector Carbon Neutral by 2050 and adhesion to the Colombia Carbon Neutral program, led by MinAmbiente, which seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in public and private organizations to promote sustainable growth. It is important to note that ISA companies in the energy sector are carbon neutral.
  • Launching the Conexiones para el Desarrollo program, together with the Barco Foundation and the UNDP, aimed at strengthening educational, community, and institutional capacities in Colombia.
  • Signing of the agreement with the Kogi community, within the framework of the Conexión Jaguar program, to protect 480.000 hectares of forest in the Sierra Nevada.

Likewise, aligned with its commitment to promote a culture focused on sustainable innovation with a positive impact on society and the environment, the company highlighted in its report that during the last two years it has invested USD 12,83 million in this endeavor, being able to achieve reductions in costs or operating efficiencies thanks to innovation projects of USD 193 million, and receiving revenues from this concept of USD 2,55 million.


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