ISA Group reaches one of its top results in its history in 2020, confirming its position as an attractive and solid investment

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  • Despite the pandemic’s impact, ISA achieved an outstanding financial performance, surpassing for the fourth year in a row the previous year’s profit, with a 25,7% increase.
  • EBITDA margin reached 64,6% and ROE was 15,6%, one of the highest of ISA’s history.
  • ISA’s stock achieved the highest valuation on the Colombian Stock Exchange.
  • ISA Group allocated close to USD 4,5 million to address the pandemic in Latin America.

ISA Group maintained its profitable growth trend and made significant and positive contributions towards mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 in the region, during a year of great social and economic challenges worldwide. ISA Group focused its efforts on protecting the lives of its employees, supporting governments, territories, as well as its stakeholders. ISA Group was also committed to ensuring the efficient operation of its business units, which are essential to support the healthcare system, the economy, and connectivity in the countries in which it operates.

Financially, ISA continued to capture efficiencies to further drive its performance and competitiveness. ISA was driven mainly by the type of sectors in which it operates (with regulated revenues that do not depend on demand), excellence in project management, as well as by correct and timely business decisions. In 2020, the Return on Equity (ROE) indicator closed at 15,6%, an increase of 18,7% compared with 2019, one of the highest in ISA’s history and reflecting its commitment to profitable growth and careful management of costs and expenses. EBITDA reached COP 6,6 trillion, 24,4% higher compared with 2019, and the EBITDA margin reached 64,6%.

Additionally, net income reached COP 2,1 trillion, an increase of 25,7% compared with 2019, exceeding the previous year’s result for the fourth consecutive year.

The operating revenues were COP 10,2 trillion, representing an increase of 24,9%; and assets totaled COP 54 trillion, an increase of 10,7% compared with 2019.

These results, combined with the confidence generated in ISA’s future, impacted the share price, which has grown consistently in recent years. By 2020, ISA’s stock achieved the best performance on the Colombian Stock Exchange with a 31,1% valuation. The stock exceeded its historic peak six times during the year, reaching COP 25.700 at the end of 2020.

Furthermore, while the confinement measures forced us to temporarily suspend certain projects and delay the execution of others, we invested COP 4,9 trillion, which constituted 90% compliance in terms of the estimated figures. The total investment was distributed as follows: 77,5% (Energy Transmission), 20,8% (Road Concessions), and 0,7% (Telecommunications and ICT). ISA group also invested over USD 4,5 million in Latin America to address the impacts of the pandemic, including efforts aimed towards improving hospital capacity, promoting scientific developments, and supporting communities in their most urgent needs. In addition to the above, the group reported investments in voluntary social management for USD 11.9 million, and in environmental management for USD 17.34 million in Latam.

Regarding these outstanding results, Bernardo Vargas Gibsone, ISA’s CEO, stated: “This year challenged us in every possible way as human beings, and as an organization. It forced us to accelerate processes and adapt to a new reality in order to respond to society and our stakeholders, amidst such a complex environment. Above all, it demonstrated that we were right to position our 2030 strategy at the same level as shareholder value, via the actions that achieved positive social and environmental impacts and that guaranteed corporate sustainability: for ISA, that is the meaning of Sustainable Value.

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