ISA delivers a key project for clean energy transmission in Brazil

  • ISA CTEEP and TAESA put into operation Paraguaçu, a project that connects the northeast and southeast regions, allowing the flow of renewable energies to Brazil’s major consumption centers.
  • The project, which comprises a line 338 km long, represented an investment of more than USD 120 million.
  • Drones were used for its construction to prevent the cutting of native forest, drinking water plants were installed for the communities and a preserved area where endangered species live was donated. The latter initiative won the Hugo Werneck environmental award.

The project, located between the states of Bahia and Minas Gerais, consists of the Poções III – Padre Paraíso 2 500 kV transmission line. Interconexión Electrics Paraguaçu is connected to the Aimorés transmission line, commissioned in May of this year also by ISA CTEEP and TAESA. Both will have an important participation in the transmission of renewable energies generated by solar and wind sources from the northeast to the southeast, a region with one of the highest energy consumption in Brazil.

The project was built on a site with abundant vegetation, so the cables were installed with drones to avoid damaging or cutting down the native forest. In addition, a preserved area of 237 hectares was donated to be added to the private natural heritage reserve Mata do Passarinho, the only place where the Entufado-Baiano, one of the most endangered bird species on the planet, is found. This important initiative was recognized with the Hugo Werneck Award.

During the work, almost 600 towers were installed and 14 municipalities in Bahia and Minas Gerais were connected, generating jobs with the hiring of 1.320 local labor. ISA CTEEP and TAESA also contributed to strengthening the Paraguai and Córrego Santana communities located in the project area with renovations, donation of equipment, improvements to the water supply system, courses and construction of nurseries and workshops for seedling production.

We continue to work to ensure Brazil safe, reliable energy from clean sources, providing robustness to its system and contributing significantly to its energy transition, as is our purpose in all the countries where ISA has operations. This project also represents our respect for the environment and our commitment to generate better living conditions for its inhabitants,” said Juan Emilio Posada Echeverri, CEO of ISA.

Interconexión Eléctrica Paraguaçu, won in the public tender for transmission held in 2016, was built by the Alianza de Interconexión Eléctrica (AIE), a consortium of ISA CTEEP (50%) and TAESA (50%).

The investment made was approximately USD 120 million and the Annual Allowed Revenue (RAP) is more than USD 26 million.


With a team of more than 1.400 employees, ISA CTEEP is present in 17 states, operating a complex transmission network through which 30% of all electricity transmitted in Brazil and 92% in the State of São Paulo travel. Its electric power system consists of approximately 21.000 km of transmission line networks and 137 substations (active in operation and under construction) with a voltage of up to 550 kV. Its main shareholder is ISA, which owns 35,82% of the total capital.

With this new project, ISA continues to consolidate its participation in the Brazilian electricity market, the largest in Latin America, generating progress and development for the country’s inhabitants.


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