ISA company in Brazil starts operation of the first large-scale battery energy storage project in the country

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  • ISA CTEEP is the first ISA company to have a large-scale energy storage system in the transmission network.
  • This technology makes an important contribution to the energy transition, as it allows for greater integration of renewable energy sources into the Brazilian system.
  • The project benefits more than 2 million people in Brazil.

ISA CTEEP, a leader in Brazil’s power transmission sector, has just energized the first large-scale battery energy storage project in the Brazilian transmission system.

The batteries were installed in an area of approximately 5.000 m², which is the equivalent of half a soccer field. It has 30 MW of power, which will guarantee the demand of more than 2 million people and avoid the emission of 1.194 tons of  CO2 in two years of operation, as it replaces the use of diesel generators.

The batteries will be activated at times of peak consumption as a backup to the power grid, ensuring additional power for up to two hours. This will prevent the interruption of the energy supply due to excess demand during this period, thus guaranteeing greater security and reliability in the provision of the service.

Baterías proyecto de almacenamiento a gran escala

“This project has provided us with great learning and we believe that, because of its pioneering nature, it will be a great laboratory for the industry and for the other ISA companies. Precisely, one of the great challenges of the energy transition for ISA is the adaptation of the existing network and the achievement of a better use of the available capacity. In this sense, the batteries are an example of how technology and innovation enable increasingly flexible and intelligent systems, while maintaining reliability and resilience as a priority,” said Juan Emilio Posada Echeverri, ISA CEO.

ANEEL’s baseline investment in this project was more than USD 27 million and the Annual Allowed Revenue (RAP) is approximately USD 5 million. Both values refer to June 2021, according to ANEEL Authorizing Resolution 10.892/2021.


With a team of more than 1.400 employees, ISA CTEEP is present in 17 Brazilian states, operating a complex transmission network through which 30% of all electricity transmitted in the country travels and 92% in the state of São Paulo.

Its electric power system consists of more than 30.000 km of circuits (26.000 in operation and 2.900 under construction), including controlled and jointly controlled companies, and 133 owned substations (125 in operation and 8 under construction) with voltages up to 550 kV. Its controlling shareholder is ISA, which holds 35,82% of the total capital.


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