ISA awarded one of the largest projects bid for in Brazil in recent years

  • In total, two projects were awarded to ISA CTEEP, which reference investment (from regulator ANEEL), represents 15% of the lot of tendered projects, which will yield annual revenues of approximately USD 78 million.
  • Through this project, the company starts operations in the state of Rio de Janeiro and increases its presence in Brazil by 520 km.
  • The awarded projects will allow the decarbonization of the energy matrix by transporting renewable energies, result in a more reliable energy system, and boost the growth of Brazilian industry.

ISA, through ISA CTEEP, was awarded two of the nine lots awarded in the first public energy transmission tender held this year by the Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica (ANEEL) in São Paulo, Brazil.  With these new projects, ISA continues to consolidate its participation in the Brazilian electricity market, the largest in Latin America, generating progress and development for the country’s inhabitants.

The projects awarded to ISA CTEEP involve an investment estimated by ANEEL at more than USD 487 million and comprise 520 km of double circuit transmission lines with an Annual Allowed Revenue (RAP) of USD 78 million. Revenues from these projects represent almost half of the total revenues awarded in public tenders to ISA CTEEP in the last five years.

“We are delighted with this great achievement in Brazil, an important milestone for ISA CTEEP that demonstrates the company’s capacity to effectively address the challenges of transforming the energy industry, bringing sustainable, quality energy beyond national borders, thus reinforcing our firm commitment to create a positive impact on society and the environment,” said Juan Emilio Posada Echeverry, ISA’s CEO.

About awarded projects

Lot 07: It covers 522 km of 500 kV double circuit line that will transport solar energy to the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro, relieving loads in the area of the Governador Valadares 6 substation.

With this lot, ISA CTEEP enters the state of Rio de Janeiro, where it had no presence until now. The construction term will be 66 months and ANEEL’s benchmark CapEx investment value is BRL 2,342.3 million (equivalent to USD 470 million) and benchmark maximum annual revenues (RAP) of BRL 376.12 million (equivalent to USD 75 million).

Lot 09: It comprises the works at the Agua Vermelha 500/138 kV substation to enable the connection of new photovoltaic generation projects in the northwest of São Paulo and in the Triangulo Mineiro.

The construction term will be 66 months and ANEEL’s benchmark CapEx investment value is BRL 94.18 million (equivalent to USD 19 million) and benchmark maximum annual revenues (RAP) of BRL 15.03 million (equivalent to USD 3 million).

The projects will be financed directly by ISA CTEEP both with its own resources and with indebtedness operations in Brazil.


ISA CTEEP is a transmission leader in the Brazilian energy sector. With a team of more than 1,500 employees, the company operates in 18 states through a complex, state-of-the-art intelligent transmission grid that carries 30% of all the energy transmitted in Brazil and 94% of the energy transmitted in the state of São Paulo. Its energy system comprises more than 21,600 kilometers of transmission lines and 136 substations (assets both in operation and under construction).


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