ISA and Rockstart launch first acceleration program for energy startups in Latin America

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Both companies are teaming up to promote this program that seeks solutions to the energy transition challenges and strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the energytech sector. The Ecopetrol Group has joined this collaboration proposal -led by ISA- through its network of innovation centers and energy experts that will support the program.

The call for Latin America begins on November 17, 2022. The ventures competing should be focused on: energy efficiency, regeneration and optimization, electromobility, hydrogen, smart grids, CO2 capture, renewable generation, and energy storage.

A pool of Europe-based Rockstart experts and an ISA team will select up to 10 startups. Winners will be announced and will start their acceleration program in January 2023. This process will take approximately four months.

Anyone interested can register at News about the call can be found on ISA and Rockstart Latam social networks.

What will the winning startups get?

Entrepreneurs will benefit from training, workshops, and one-on-one sessions on different topics with experts from several countries. They will help them quickly experience and validate the market, as well as strengthen their business model and product. Additionally, they will receive personalized support to prepare their rounds and capital raising strategies. They will also have visibility in the ecosystem.

Entrepreneurs will have the possibility of obtaining financial support from different companies that, through synergies, alliances, and financing rounds, could find solutions and shared opportunities for exponential growth in these ventures.

Selected entrepreneurs will get these benefits without having to deliver shares, equity, or payments in exchange. 

“At ISA, we are convinced that collaboration between academia, entrepreneurs, government, institutions, and companies allows us to join efforts and potentialities to go beyond what each one of them could achieve alone.  We are very excited about this acceleration program, which will be key to driving the solutions required for the energy transition,” said Santiago Hoyos Sierra, Corporate Director of Innovation at ISA.

Rockstart has invested in and accelerated more than 270 startups in Europe and Latin America. It has also helped entrepreneurs raise more than USD 200 million in investment. “At Rockstart, we believe this is the right time. There is a lot of talent and innovation in this sector that has been neglected in the region due to current challenges and the lack of knowledge in the industry. At Rockstart, we’re committed to facilitating the path for entrepreneurs in industries that really make an impact,”  said Felipe Santamaria Pieschacon, co-founder and CEO of Rockstart Latam.

Developing innovation, especially at the world’ s pace, requires an explicit, strong strategic commitment. This is why ISA, in its 2030 Strategy, plans to invest up to USD 150 million in ventures.


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