ISA among the companies with the greatest social impact, according to the ANDI Foundation

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  • The ANDI Foundation, USAID, Acdi/Voca, Portafolio and FSG (international consultant leader in shared value strategy), promote the recognition of inspiring companies. These entities highlight business initiatives that improve business competitiveness through the generation of positive social impact.
  • The Desarrollo de Proveedores Locales y Negocios Inclusivos para Suministros Corporativos (Development of Local Suppliers and Inclusive Businesses for Corporate Supplies) program was recognized as an INspiring Company by the ANDI Foundation.
  • This supplier program creates 1.289 jobs in 14 departments.

The Development of Local Suppliers and Inclusive Business program for corporate supplies of ISA and its affiliate Intercolombia allows micro-enterprises from different places of the country to become suppliers of 100% Colombian products for large companies. This earned the company recognition as an INspiring Company 2022 by the Andi Foundation. 

This program has been developed in 14 departments of the country since 2020. Its strategy is designed to generate sustainable environmental and social value, as well as to strengthen the value proposition and business model of xxx affiliated micro-enterprises.

“We ratify our commitment to create connections that inspire, and we are proud to be part of the progress of communities through these types of opportunities. This is the second time we receive this recognition. The first time was in 2020, when the Specialty Coffee Program benefited more than 110 families in 15 municipalities of Antioquia. Today, through the supplier program, we are creating 1.289 direct and indirect jobs, of which 825 are for women. By 2024, we plan to work with more than 200 entrepreneurs from different rural areas, increasingly strengthening these territories,” said Juan Emilio Posada, ISA’s CEO.

These opportunities allow people like María Elena Urariyu Pushaina, an indigenous woman from the XXX community of XXX, to be part of this project and be included in a productive chain through handmade items, which provide a source of income for her and her family.

This and other ventures led by natural persons and enterprises, through the Promotora de Comercio Social-ISA alliance, have allowed them to become suppliers in sectors such as artisanal handicrafts, food, accessories, clothing, agriculture, cleaning, handcrafted decoration, agriculture, among others.

These entrepreneurs also receive training in environmental sustainability, which helps them understand the impact of their ventures and how to make better use of resources such as water and energy, as well as proper waste management.

The company receives this recognition within the framework of the 7th Colombian Business Congress, and expects to continue promoting the competitiveness of the national industry, prioritizing local products and strengthening the social fabric of the communities that, through their work and this program, also contribute to the fulfillment of some SDGs, such as: decent work and economic growth and responsible production and consumption, while ensuring inclusive, equitable, and quality education, promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.


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