Luruaco, a territory to “disoñar”

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By Yeiner Angulo González, social activist, human rights defender and medical student

It has great resources and potential, but also great opportunities. I have lived and observed how we have been distracted as a society, letting idleness, inequality and even indifference (the mother of the degradation of our natural and human resources) show us as one of the peoples that has suffered the most from the violation of human rights. We have not known how to take advantage of this beautiful diamond in the rough, which I confess, began to be polished and shine from day 1 that I participated in the construction of the Sustainable Development Agendas, where we began to be aware of the greatness of our biodiversity, creative ecosystems, strength in ancestral knowledge, education, health and social well-being for the pursuit of the vindication of these rights in our land of hope, what we will call the beautiful chimera. 

Dreaming of a prosperous Luruaco with a better quality of life is possible. It is to have a living hope about the resources we have and to convince ourselves to take advantage of our customs, traditions and ecosystems that identify us before the country. To dream of Luruaco is to have the living opportunity to take care of the bodies of water that are in our territory such as the lagoons of Guajaro, Luruaco and San Juan de Tocagua; to conceive it as a great agro-industrial power, and thus demonstrate how this precious liquid is the treasure that represents life and an opportunity for sustainable development. It is to look at those beauties embodied in mountains and those jewels of the architecture of nature that embrace us, it is the use of our land, our ecosystem to transform it into the great ecotourism power and work for the training and education of our people to bet on the preservation and conscious tourism, and that the mythical Mohana cave in Arrollo de Piedra, the township of Los Límites for the sighting of the titi monkey and to enter the largest ecological trail in the country, from the Isla de los Pájaros (Bird Island) in San Juan to the vast views that Mateo and Barrigón offer.

To dream of Luruaco is to see the great plaza of the arepas thrive with our gastronomic artists of the “arepa e huevo” (arepa with egg inside), which I aspire to be the regional center of culture that shows our history, and also the talent of our artisans. The Luruaco of dreams is the society of knowledge, with access to new technologies, with an optimal educational infrastructure for the development of learning and fertile ground for higher education, making us a regional hub for the gathering of different research centers and universities.

To achieve this, we need a biopsychosocial development of our inhabitants, therefore we will have the high quality accreditation in the provision of health services of our hospital, flagship that allows us to be the coordinating axis for the prevention, care, promotion and rehabilitation of diseases, also to ensure the food security program that will be the most forceful in the country and reduce to zero (0) the cases of malnutrition and undernourishment. To allow us to have accessibility to food with the construction of all our tertiary roads. We will have quality utilities for all, and we will be pioneers in the use of clean energy.

This will only be possible if we achieve a participatory construction, if we believe in the power of united work among society as a whole and institutionality, where community knowledge and government tools are coordinated in a great agreement for the prosperity of the territory. Speaking a single collective language, the utopia in this municipality that inspires us will be disseminated to reality.

Mi name is Yeiner Angulo González, social activist, human rights defender, technician in Judicial Investigation and Criminalistics. Currently, intern doctor at the Departmental Hospital of Sabanalarga (semester XIV) and planning and management coordinator of ESE Ponedera. I breathe, dream, and live in the Municipality of Luruaco, Atlántico. Because it can be done.


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