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We believe in the value of an empathetic and conscientious work team. For this reason, the ISA is looking for people who understand the contexts. They should be committed to sustainable development and willing to deliver their knowledge to create CONNECTIONS THAT INSPIRE.



We understand the significance of balance between professional and personal life.

ISA benefits

We are a leading, competitive, and innovative compani.


We foster the development of Latin America by generating sustainable value.

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Shareholding in 14 other companies.

In 2021, we accomplished:

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ISA’s labor environment is 9 points  above other similar companies.

0 %

In the leadership index, ISA achieved a historical result according to Korn Ferry.

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In the effectiveness index, ISA is 28 points above other similar companies in the Colombian market.

ISA thinks about the welfare and development of its work team.

The management of human talent at the ISA is framed within a work model that prioritizes the leader-team relationship as the place where the real development of people occurs. This is made possible by defining and implementing practices and methodologies to ensure the attraction, selection, and retention of talent. These practices and methodologies are known by our work team and managed by leaders, supported by the Organizational Talent areas.

We promote inclusive, diverse teams at the ISA. For this reason, we offer equal opportunities in our employee selection processes, which is based  on suitability for the position profile:  Academic training, experience, technical skills, organizational capabilities, and adaptation to the organizational culture. There is no discrimination based on gender, race, sexual orientation, or disabilities.

We also ensure a balance between attracting and selecting external talent and filling vacancies with internal talent.  We achieve this through our succession management model to fill critical positions with internal members, generating growth and development opportunities for them, and strengthening their commitment.

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Ambiente de trabajo
Seguridad y Salud
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Talent inspires us

We are looking for people who identify with our organizational capabilities. These professionals should focuse their knowledge on the development of being, doing, and achieving results.


ISA acts consistently, transparently, and decisively.

Environment Management

ISA ensures environmentally and socially feasible that prioritize life.


ISA embraces its commitments and decisions, supporting others in working towards a common purpose.


ISA builds links of trust and interdependence to develop sustainable partnerships and relationships.


ISA adapts its experience and knowledge by creating flexible and dynamic solutions to meet future challenges.

Talent development and continuous learning

ISA attracts and develops the best talent to meet the present and future business needs.


ISA understands the environment and the market to offer solutions targeted to the needs of clients.

Operating Excellence

ISA ensures excellence in all its activities by considering cost, risk, and performance to achieve the highest standards of quality, efficiency, safety, and service.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

ISA improves and creates new solutions and business models to add sustainable value.

Digital Transformation

ISA implements digital technologies to continuously improve. ISA prepares in advance to respond to future scenarios and lead to new business models.

ISA’s greatest value is people

ISA provides benefits, opportunities, and development programs to grow together.

Beneficios ISA
ISA makes your development and your work possible

ISA has a strategic, reliable, and regionally certified compensation system. ISA gives you benefits in different areas: Health, Safety, Education, and Investment, not only for you but also for your family.

Beneficios ISA
For your work, you will receive

A fair, balanced wage, plus all the labor benefits.

Beneficios ISA
ISA provides quality of life

ISA believes that the wellbeing of its employees and their families is of the utmost importance. For this reason, you will be offered benefits such as flexible hours, teleworking, on-site coworking spaces, among others.

Beneficios ISA
ISA recognizes your achievements

ISA rewards you when you strive and obtain good results at work.

Beneficios ISA
Your Motivation

ISA is committed to the development of its people, providing spaces that promote the practice of your work. You can also participate in our mobility program to work in our affiliates in Latin America.

ISA creates efficient and friendly work spaces

Learn about ISA’s sustainable work practices

En la Movida
En la movida
Sustainable mobility

We encourage alternative transportation and minimize commuting among some of our employees. 

En la movida

ISA is flexible with the needs of its employees and facilitates different work practices.


ISA is committed to protecting and keeping employees safe

Seguridad ISA

To protect and keep employees safe, ISA guarantees safe workplaces, self-care, and the application of good prevention practices.

ISA works to transform realities

More than working, we connect with each other from our hearts

ISA believes that there are millions of opportunities to positively impact our environment and society. You will find various spaces for your personal and professional growth.

This year, knowing thar we are able to generate significant changes in Latin American communities, ISA created the Corporate Volunteer Program so that employees can contribute to society’s transformation and environmental protection.

Voluntariado ISA
Otras miradas
We believe that differences make us unique, nurture work teams, and provide new outlooks for our business and the way we do things. Believing this, and believing that our essence is what connects each other, ISA presents to you Otras Miradas (Other Insights), our companies’ Diversity and Inclusion Program.

We change paradigms by learning to identify and understand all existing stereotypes and forms of discrimination, so that we learn all the knowledge brought to us by Otras Miradas, and unlearn what we have learned, building the way we relate to each other from scratch.

A diverse culture is a strenght to be competitive, innovative, and disruptive. These three concepts are immersed in the ISA2030 Strategy and are key to reach the goals defined.

Inclusion is a key element to manage work environments and workflows that integrate all people, providing knowledge and infrastructure tools that promote conditions of equity for all our employees.

Otras Miradas has four action fronts:

Multiculturalism and generations

The challenge is to continue to guarantee inclusion conditions so that all the cultures we live in continue to integrate into the teams.

We capture the experience of our people to give them opportunities through Otras Miradas.

Gender Equity

It has to do not only with women’s leadership. There is also an important element that invites us to rethink about men just being providers and workers, so we welcome these new masculinities that redefine the role of men in the family.

Sexual Diversity

We understand that people’s skills, talent, and value go beyond their tastes, which is why we seek to foster work environments based on respect.



We rethink individual processes, structures, and biases to guarantee the necessary conditions for all of us to have equal access to job opportunities and workspaces. 


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A unique and inspiring team leads the ISA. This team is committed to regional development, global transformation, environmental protection, and business innovation.

  • Juan Emilio Posada

    Chief Executive Officer Resume
  • César Augusto Ramírez Rojas

    Chief Energy Transport Resume
  • Olga Patricia Castaño Díaz

    Chief Strategy Officer Resume
  • Sonia Margarita Abuchar Alemán

    Chief Legal Officer Resume
  • Daniel Isaza Bonnet

    Chief Growth and Business Development Officer Resume
  • Carolina Botero Londoño

    Chief Corporate Finance Officer Resume
  • Carlos Ignacio Mesa Medina

    Chief Corporate Audit Officer Resume
  • Carlos Humberto Delgado Galeano

    Chief Organizational Talent Officer Resume
  • Olga Lucía López Marín

    Chief IT Officer Resume
  • Juliana Suso Jaramillo

    Chief Institutional Relations Officer Resume
  • Ernesto Carrasco Morales

    Chief Roads Concessions Officer Resume

Bernardo Vargas Gibsone

Presidente del Grupo ISA

Economista de la Universidad de los Andes y MBA de la Universidad de Columbia. Como Socio fundador de Nogal lideró varias transacciones importantes. Su experiencia incluye entre otros: Presidente de ING Barings en Colombia, Director de la Región Andina y de forma subsecuente fue nombrado como Presidente y CEO para las operaciones fusionadas de Barings e ING Colombia.

Olga Patricia Castaño Díaz

Vicepresidenta Estrategia Corporativa

Administradora de empresas de la Universidad de Antioquia, con un Master of Sciencie in Operational Research, en Lancaster, Inglaterra. Ha realizado estudios de General Management Certificate y Advanced Leadership Programme en University Of Cambridge, Inglaterra. Cuenta con una trayectoria profesional de 22 años de experiencia en el sector eléctrico.

César Augusto Ramírez Rojas

Vicepresidente Transporte de Energía

Ingeniero Electricista de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Especialista en Gerencia de la Calidad de la Universidad EAFIT y Máster of Science en Investigación Operacional de la Universidad de Strathclyde, Escocia, UK. Se vinculó a ISA en 1980 y los últimos cargos que ha desempeñado son Gerente Administrativo, Gerente Estrategia Corporativa y por último se desempeñó como Presidente de CTEEP, Filial de ISA en Brasil.

Sonia Margarita Abuchar Alemán

Vicepresidenta Jurídica

Abogada egresada de la Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana de Medellín, donde además cursó estudios de Especialización en Derecho Administrativo y Derecho Comercial. Desde el año 1995, ha venido trabajando en el sector eléctrico; inicialmente como asesora legal en la Generadora de Energía Eléctrica URRÁ S.A. E.S.P. y en octubre de 2000 fue vinculada a ISA como abogada asesora de la Gerencia Mercado de Energía Mayorista

Daniel Isaza Bonnet

Vicepresidente Crecimiento y Desarrollo de Negocio

Administrador de empresas del CESA, Colombia. Economista de University of Western Sydney, Australia. Antes de vincularse a ISA, se desempeñó como Gerente Ejecutivo y de Estructuración Financiera de Metro de Bogotá. Fue Socio Fundador y Director Gerente Colombia de Ágora Banca de Inversión y Gerente Colombia de Rothschild.

Carolina Botero Londoño

Vicepresidenta Finanzas Corporativas

Administradora de Empresas del Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración (CESA) y Magíster en Finanzas de Banca Internacional, cuenta con una trayectoria de más de 16 años como Banquera de Inversión en los bancos de inversión más importantes, a nivel local y nacional. La Fundación Clinton y Frisby han sido sus más recientes experiencias laborales.

Carlos Ignacio Mesa Medina

Vicepresidente Auditoria Corporativa

Administrador Financiero del Politécnico Jaime Isaza Cadavid y Especialista en Auditoría de Sistemas de la Universidad EAFIT, es Auditor Internacional Certificado – CISA por el ISACA. Se ha desempeñado como Profesional de Control Interno, Subdirector de Auditoría Interna y Gerente de Auditoría Gestión de Negocios en Empresas Públicas de Medellín –EPM, cargo que venía desempeñando desde al año 2013.

Carlos Humberto Delgado Galeano

Vicepresidente Talento Organizacional

Es abogado, especialista en Derecho Empresarial, con amplia experiencia y conocimiento en la gestión del talento humano. Con un programa de Alta Gerencia, ha transitado exitosamente por el liderazgo de temas como las relaciones individuales y colectivas, la negociación con organizaciones sindicales, el desarrollo del liderazgo y del talento crítico de alto nivel, el desarrollo de la cultura organizacional y la gestión del cambio.

Olga Lucía López Marín

Vicepresidenta Tecnología de Información

Ingeniera de Sistemas de la Universidad Eafit, con Master en Administración de Negocios (MBA) de la Universidad Tecnológico de Monterrey. Ingresó a ISA en Mayo de 1989, como Analista Profesional y fue Especialista I, II y III en Planeación Informática y luego Coordinadora de Equipo Ingeniería Informática.

Juliana Suso Jaramillo

Vicepresidenta Relaciones Institucionales

Titulada en Licenciatura en Administración de Empresas con énfasis en Mercadeo de la Methodist University, Carolina del Norte. Juliana cuenta con más de 20 años de trayectoria en roles de liderazgo de compañías multinacionales de los EE.UU y Europa, tanto en roles comerciales y de mercadeo, como en comunicaciones, asuntos corporativos e incidencia en políticas públicas.

Ernesto Carrasco Morales

Vicepresidente Negocio Concesiones Viales

Ingeniero civil de la Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería y magíster en Administración de la Universidad de los Andes en la ciudad de Bogotá. Cuenta con una trayectoria profesional de más de 30 años en el sector de la infraestructura, principalmente en el desarrollo y gestión de portafolios y fondos de inversión de activos en infraestructura a nivel regional, como concesiones de carreteras, aeropuertos, ferrocarriles, generación de energía y servicios públicos.


ISA Interns

ISA knows the importance of young talent for the development of society and business. Therefore, ISA is committed to creating alliances with Colombian universities. The idea is to contribute to the education of future professionals and to provide students with elements of analysis that allow them to establish the relationship between theoretical and practical aspects, being able to carry out projects structured by each of the company’s areas.

Alliance with universities

ISA’s interns selection process has changed. This has led us to sign even more agreements with universities, whereby each candidate’s resume would be directly sent by universities.

If you are interested in finding the professional growth and development opportunities that you are looking for, please contact your university’s internship office and ask about the agreement with the ISA Group.

Practicantes ISA



internship projects every six months in our companies in Colombia


Your talent inspire us, we want to get to know you so we can continue connecting millions of people in Latin America and work together for the protection of our planet. Our goal is to leave an established legacy that creates conscience, inspires, moves, transforms and transcend for generations to come.

Open job vancancies

Explore the profile wanted in the vacancy that you’re interested in, download the documento and if you have any additional questions you can contact us in the following email address:

We currently don’t have any job vacancies available

Don’t be discouraged! Here in ISA, we believe in your talent, share with us your CV and keep checking all the new vacancies that in ISA’s Group we’ll continue to publish for global minds like yours.

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We are looking for people who identify with our organizational capabilities. These professionals should focus their knowledge on the development of being, doing, and achieving results.