Ethics line

To monitor compliance with our Ethics and Compliance Corporate Program, our stakeholders can report noncompliance with the program’s provisions by calling our Ethics Toll-Free Line, particularly in cases of fraud, corruption, bribery, money-laundering and financing of terrorism. This is how this channel is structured

Each of our affiliates has an ethics line to consult or report any breach of the Code of Ethics and Conduct, wherever you are.


To have a communication channel through which stakeholders of ISA and its companies can consult or report breaches of our Code of Ethics and Conduct.


An external call center serves the ethics line. Once the cases have been received, recorded and classified, these are managed by the Ethics Committee.

Information processing

The information received through the ethics line is classified and managed as confidential. Personal data are processed appropriately and for authorized purposes.

The identity of the person is protected.

Ethical Affairs Management

To accompany the management of ethical issues, the organization has a protocol that establishes the criteria and stages that must be followed to analyze, manage, report and respond to a report of non-compliance with the code of ethics and conduct and, in general, with what is defined in the Business Ethics and Compliance Program.