Corporate governance

We act with conviction, demonstrating that we can make progress and be competitive in the business by being ethical and transparent.

For us, corporate governance is the set of values, principles, policies, rules, practices and processes, by which ISA is directed.

ISA is looking for business efficiency, growth enhancement, and encouragement of investors’ confidence in domestic and international contexts by means of practices aimed at the transparency and coherence, the respect of those who invest in our Company, and the fulfilment of its commitments with stakeholders.

* In all ISA’s corporate documents issued prior to the entry of ISA and its Companies into the Ecopetrol business group, where reference is made to the ISA business group or ISA Group, it shall be understood that reference is made to ISA and its Companies. For more details, consult our Code of Corporate Governance, Introduction section.

Shares and bonds traded in the Colombian Stock Exchange ADRs Level I negotiated in the Over the Counter market of the United States.

*Figures extracted from the ISA's 2022 Integrated Management Report

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Country Code recommendations implemented
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Complaints addressed by the Ethics Line
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Human Rights violation events
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Independent members in the Board of Directors

corporate governance system

Learn how does our corporate governance work here in ISA, explore our purpose, codes, rules and policies which guide and direct us to an ethical action.


Connections that inspire we declared a superior purpose that is the sterting point for our company's actions.Our goal is to create connections from a place of commitment with our stakeholders.





Mujeres felices trabajando - Gestión Empresarial

Did you know that we deliver information under GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards?


At ISA, we firmly support initiatives that aim to strengthen Best Practices of Corporate Governance, such as the Country Code Survey.


The Board of Directors is responsible for establishing, guiding and reviewing the corporate strategy, guidelines and policies, which are communicated through this website and through the internal information portals for each stakeholder and through synergy networks of the Business Group Work Model. Read our policies in spanish.

Diversity and inclusion

Decisions aimed at incorporating the diversity and inclusion approach as principles of business management and relationship with the different stakeholders.

Occupational Safety and Health

Decisions to protect and preserve the safety and health of our employees, suppliers, and other people involved in the activities of our companies.


Find here our information and knowledge management guidelines, These assets are essential for the development of our business units, the creation of alliances, and the continuity of our operation.

Comprehensive Risk Management

At ISA and its companies, Comprehensive Risk Management is extremely important to generate and protect value, preserve the integrity of resources, and ensuring the continuity and sustainability of business units.

Asset management

Learn the principles that govern the decisions, activities, and behaviors of  asset management to meet strategic objectives and achieve sustainable value at the ISA Group.


We design a responsible environmental management model, focusing on the use of natural resources to ensure that our processes are aligned with the pursuit of sustainable development.


Find here our commitment to providing quality, timely, and reliable services at competitive prices, specially designed to satisfy our clients and build long-term relationships.

Related-party transactions

Aligned with our commitment to promote the adoption of good corporate practices in the Company to reinforce investor confidence, corporate efficiency, transparency, and compliance with commitments to our stakeholders, we have established guidelines  so that related-party transactions at ISA and our companies are carried out at market prices and conditions, respecting the rights of our companies’ shareholders and creditors, contributing to the achievement of strategic goals for the Group, and complying with the law.


Learn about our financial and governance actions, including other activities that guarantee a transparent and innovative development of our business units.

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ISA is committed to transparency and ethics. ISA now has a specialized toll-free line to address your questions or complaints and find an effective solution. Learn more about our Ethics Line