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Bernardo Vargas Gibsone,   a  leader that inspires

In July 2015 Mr. Vargas became the CEO of ISA, a leading multi-latin company focusing on three different businesses: Electric Power Transmission, Road Concessions and Information and Communications Technology. Founded in 1967, ISA operates through 43 affiliated companies in 7 countries in Latin America.

Until 2015, Mr. Vargas was a founding partner of Nogal Asesorias Financieras, an investment banking advisory boutique in Colombia specializing in local and cross-border M&A. Previously was managing director at ING Barings where he headed the corporate and investment banking operations in Colombia. Mr. Vargas joined Baring Securities in 1994 as Head of Colombia and was subsequently appointed as President and CEO for the merged operations of Barings and ING Colombia on January 1997.

Before Barings, Mr. Vargas was founding CEO of Proexport Colombia today Procolombia; also acted as Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Trade. He started his professional career at the Colombian Central Bank (Banco de la República) where through his nine-year tenure in different positions was in charge, among other responsibilities, of the management of Colombia’s foreign reserves portfolio.

He acts as Chairman in the boards of ISA affiliates in Colombia, Chile, Brazil and Peru; Board member and Chairman at ANDESCO (Chairman between 2017 to 2019). Also board member of various nonprofits: Proantioquia; International Advisory Council (IAC) at Fundação Dom Cabral; Fundación Santafe de Bogota; the Medellin Philharmonic Orchestra; and Best Buddies Colombia. He is also an Endeavor mentor for young entrepreneurs.

More than 20 years YPO member and member of the G50 since 2016.

Named one of 20 Young Executives of the Year 1993 by the Junior Chamber of Commerce and Portafolio (Colombia) CEO of the Year 2017.

Mr. Vargas obtained an MBA from Columbia University and an Economics BA and MS candidate from Universidad de Los Andes, in Bogotá, Colombia.

Bernardo Vargas


2019: Institutional investor  noted  Bernardo  Vargas   Gibsone as one  of the best CEO. 

2017:   Was awarded as “Mejor Líder Empresarial del Año” (best corporate leader of the year) by the Premios Portafolio, for his dedicated management, ethics and social responsibility.


ISA, the jewel in the crown, prepares for the business of the year in Colombia

June 21, 2021.

Media: Semana

Running a business in 2020 became one of the most complex feats in the history of the private sector. Despite this, there were companies, such as Interconexión Eléctrica S. A. (ISA), that kept all their jobs, resisted tenaciously and continued to make profits. Our president, Bernardo Vargas, talks about the plans.
Bernardo Vargas, president of ISA at Inside of La República

April 21, 2021.

Media: La República.

Interview with our president, Bernardo Vargas in #InsideLR of La República.

"The only transformative leadership is the one that understands others as peers": Bernardo Vargas Gibsone, president of ISA

March 5, 2021.

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He believes in the power of human relationships, so much so that he ventured to renew the philosophy of a very traditional company in order to reinforce that approach. In this new episode of CEOs Dinero, a journey through the beginnings, the trajectory and the challenges of the past and present of Bernardo Vargas Gibsone, president of ISA.

'The footprint of ISA and the footprint of the jaguar is almost the same'

March 5, 2021.

Media: El Tiempo.

As important as its growth goals in electric power transmission lines or in road concessions is for the ISA Group the Conexión Jaguar sustainability program, with which the firm and its subsidiaries want to leave a conservation footprint, not only of this feline, due to its importance for the balance of ecosystems, but of forests, water and biodiversity.