*ESG indices, incorporate environmental, social, and corporate governance factors.

In ISA we understand sustainability as a way of acting

We know the environmental challenges our planet is facing, and we are aware of the different social realities, setting the goal of creating value for our stakeholders.

As part of our ISA2030 Strategy, we have a social and environmental management model, that seeks the creation of sustainable value by means of different programs and investment lines, focused on satisfying the particular needs of communities, and complying as a corporate stakeholder committed to climate change mitigation.

Our manifesto expresses: “If we are aware that we are all one, if we understand that our actions, no matter how small, have an impact; if we are certain that our well-being is linked to everyone else’s, there is connection.”

For these reasons, we act in the following areas



Corporate governance

ESG in figures

These are the most relevant data of our sustainability indicators:



ISA makes a proactive and significant contribution to mitigating the environmental impact caused by our projects, adapting to climate change and the protection and conservation of ecosystems and their biodiversity.

Our management has been recognized by world-class prescribers such as DJSI, FTSE4Good, Private Social Investment Index; we are also part of Company Circle, Global Compact and The Sustainability Yearbook (Bronze medal).

Climate change

Our climate strategy is based on the consolidated practice of measuring, reducing, and offsetting greenhouse gases (GHG) produced by our operations. The strategy also takes into account impacts of climate variability and climate change opportunities to plan various actions, most of which are focused on mitigation.

For 2020, the goal was to reduce 533 tons of CO2e, taking into account water and energy consumption, waste generation and sustainable mobility. The goal was exceeded with a total of 2.404 tons of CO2e avoided.

In 2020, 36.781 tons of CO2e from the emissions of the operations of our electric power business were offset.

Conexión Jaguar, our sustainability program

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With our Conexión Jaguar program, which we developed in a technical alliance with South Pole and Panthera, we support 4 forestry projects in Latin America that also involve the communities of the territories of influence.

784.908 hectares of forest and springs protected.

A reduction potential of more than 6 million tons of CO2 among the seven forestry projects supported in Colombia, Brazil and Peru.

Recovery of 2.607 hectares of land deteriorated by livestock farming.

Commitment to the protection of biodiversity

Comprehensive management of biodiversity in the lifecycle of our projects, articulating actions with each of the internal and external stakeholders that allow for a responsible treatment of the impacts caused by our operations, as well as to strengthen regional and national conservation strategies:

  • Cost-effective, sustainable forest offset portfolio within the framework of the recovery of priority areas according to environmental authorities, as they are of ecological interest.
  • Forest exploitation variable strips
  • Installation of bird flight diverters to mitigate collisions with transmission lines.
  • Drones for surveillance and cable laying, reducing the need for tree pruning and logging.


We implement a  quality sustainable management  and have high performance in addressing opportunities, risks and impacts inherent to environmental development, which makes the Company viable in the long-term.

The eco-efficiency goal established for 2020 was to achieve a percentage of  SF6 leakage equal to or lower than 0,5% in line with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard.

The goal was achieved with a consolidated leakage rate of 0,45 % at the Group level.

Outstanding actions

We weave ethical, fair, reliable, and co-responsible relationships. We are present and relevant stakeholders in the processes, mitigating, and compensating the impact of our operations:

  • Green sites and substations project..
  • Sustainable Mobility Program.
  • Use of drones for asset and substation inspection.
  • Use of recycled asphalt on local roads and shoulders.
  • Solar plant at the ISA’s Medellin headquarters.
  • First green bonds issuance in the public market of Colombia of COP 300 billion in 2020. The resources will be used to finance the connection of non-conventional renewable energies to the National Interconnected System (SIN).
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Social management

Our social investments address the stages of the asset management cycle:

  • Analysis of offers until renewal or dismantling, making sure that the caused impacts are managed, working towards the viability of our operations, and transcending our commitment to creating value and development in territories and for communities where our company performs activities.

Also, we contribute to UN Agenda 2030, from goal associated to the compliance of SDGs 4, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 16 (Education, energy, sustainable cities, ecosystem protection, climate change, and management against corruption, and peace).

For us, having sustainability as the basis of our strategy is the only path to move away from obsolescence and to renew the “social contract”.

Occupational health and safety

ISA is committed to protecting and keeping our employees safe

To protect and preserve our work team’ health and safety, ISA guarantees safe working environments, self-care, and the application of good prevention practices.

Work standards

In ISA,  we build an organizational culture of ethics demonstrated in our corporate values and human resources that are outstanding for their human and professional qualities. Therefore, in selecting our work processes, we adhere to the compliance of Law 1581 of 2012​ “General dispositions for protecting personal data” and its Regulatory Decree:

Commitment and solidarity with the environment

Ethics is a characteristic feature of our culture, which has been in our DNA since ISA was incorporated, and it has evolved to permeate all processes:

Conexiones para el desarrollo


This program reflects the efforts that we have made for years in the area of social investment. It captures the lessons we have learned and allows us to contribute to present and future generations by strengthening the capacities of communities through three components:


Improve the access and quality of education, striving for more educated territories.


Strengthen families and communities from their coexistence and productivity capabilities.


Strengthen institutions to achieve a participatory and inclusive society.

As a multi-Latin family, we joined efforts to contribute to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in Latin America, based on solidarity and empathy. This is the result of a committed, co-responsible, and determined work of an Academia-Company-State alliance.


Help flattening the COVID-19 curve.

Protect medical staff  and most vulnerable populations.

Generate installed capacity in countries where the Group is present.

Corporate Governance

Our proactive work and proper management have been fundamental to create an environment of trust with the State. This allowed us to develop and to apply clear, sound and trend-setting policies related to corporate governance that are also promoted in the affiliates.

These good practices include a fact of great relevance that decisions are to be made with managerial criteria, giving priority to the society’s interest and ethics, which is understood as “the value of values”.

Corporate Governance Committee

This Committee guides the Management to adopt, follow up, and improve the sustainable practices in the environmental, social, and economic dimensions, which are an essential part of our long-term strategy. During 2020, this committee analyzed and approved the following sustainability matters:

  • Sustainability fiduciary duty.
  • Reputation and materiality model presentation.
  • Sustainability roadmap.
  • Transversal Programs Progress.
  • Sustainability improvement route (DJSI results analysis)

Our commitment with the governments is to respect and promote the Rule of Law and to act proactively in suggesting improvements and new proposals related to better stability and reliability of the sector.

Ethics and Anti-Corruption

Ethics is our “value of values” and we have declared a policy of “zero tolerance” with corruption.

Grupo ISA has reporting channels that are a mechanism to prevent and detect acts of corruption and ethical failures, and to comply with the Company’s responsibility to carry out the relevant procedure.

Comprehensive Risk Management

Our Comprehensive Risk Management seeks to preserve the integrity of corporate resources, and continuity, and sustainability of business units.

For this reason, ISA and its companies systematically perform the identification, analysis, evaluation, monitoring, and communication of risks to which our companies are exposed, to minimize impacts on the financial resources and reputation resources, and benefit from opportunities that can come.

Emerging risks

We believe that united work and synergies are the pillars of improvement opportunities in our businesses. Identified emerging risks are:

  • Reconfiguration of the energy sector’s value chain
    (energy transition).
  • Deep social instability in countries of interest.
  • Legal and regulatory uncertainty and new revenue schemes.
  • Climate turning points and catastrophic external events.
  • Cyber-vulnerability and critical information fraud.

Did you know that we are a member of various covenants, manifest and environmental societies?

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– Jimena Toro Valencia and Angélica María Joya: social and environmental factors.

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Jimena Toro Valencia
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