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The jaguar returns to the territories, those of stone, sky and green, those of the spirit: not only do we work to guarantee its presence in the world, its regulatory action in wild ecosystems, its deployment as the Latin American animal par excellence, but also to bring it back to our imagination and welcome it as a source of inspiration.  The jaguar, symbol for millennia of the power of nature, taught the shamans to live in the jungle, to understand the meaning of equatorial existence, to approach the functioning of diversity. 

In the month of the jaguar we celebrate its gradual return, its ability to silently follow its path through the forest just a few steps behind people, its persistence.  We celebrate the bond that the jaguar continues to represent between people and its territory, which we now understand to be more shared.  We celebrate that we are in time to recover from the damage caused to the forests and to ourselves. 

“In the month of the jaguar, we find ourselves face to face, ever closer, with who we truly are, thanks to our ability to innovate in the territory.”

We have understood the role of ecological connectivity through science. Also, we have oriented our work so that technology is an ally and not a source of impact, where the key is a regenerative culture that is beginning to emerge. 

Thanks to a new interpretation of the relationship between nature and society, inspired by the power of the jaguar and the innovative perspective of energy management, paths are crossed to restore the functionality of ecosystems and use knowledge to ensure human work: never before has the word synergy had such a precise and promising scope.  It is not illusory to think of coexistence when we open space for ingenuity to help us, with a more inclusive perspective, to build the infrastructure that society requires to live better.  It is not illusory to share the world again with the jaguar.


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