The jaguar’s “fingerprints” and other data you didn’t know about this feline

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You may know the jaguar for its large size and impressive appearance, but this feline is much more than that. These are 4 facts about the jaguar that you may not have known.

Their spots are fingerprints

They are also known as rosettes, and their unique patterns set them apart from other species, even among other jaguars.

Just as our human fingerprints set us apart, the spots of these felines are so unique that they are not repeated. Their spots are as special as the role that ecosystems play.

They run faster than Usain Bolt

If you were to run a marathon today for the first time, chances are that your top speed is 20 to 30 km/h. The fastest human being, Usain Bolt, runs 100 meters at 45 km/h. Although this is impressive, it is not enough to challenge a jaguar. On average, this species can reach 60 km/h, even though it is not the fastest feline on the planet.

“Just as our human fingerprints set us apart, the spots of these felines are so unique that they are not repeated.”

Jaguar? Galaam? A cat with many names.

The indigenous people used to call yaguar to what we know today as Jaguar. This word comes from the Guarani language and means beast of prey. However, its name changed from one indigenous community to another. It was called “balaam” by Mayans, “ocelotl” by Mexicans, and “uturunku” by Quechuas.

The largest feline in America

Followed by the puma and the mountain lion, the jaguar has become an icon in the American continent. Its size and skills have made it well known since indigenous times. It can reach two meters in length and is only surpassed in size by the tiger and the lion.


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