20 years transmitting Connections that Inspire in Peru

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By: Carlos Mario Caro, CEO of ISA REP

ISA REP celebrates its 20th anniversary in Peru this month. The time that has passed has marked a before and after in the country’s electric power transmission, as the company received  about 5263,9 km and 45 substations from the Peruvian State in 2002 and today it has almost doubled the infrastructure it manages, with 12 thousand kilometers of lines and 82 substations, which has enabled millions of Peruvians to have access to electric power service of much higher quality and reliability.

But this has not been a random result, but the result of the decision and commitment of ISA and its companies to invest in the country and contribute to closing the gaps in the energy sector, through an efficient management of the transmission system that was given to us in concession.

To date, ISA REP has contributed USD 2,473.90 million of investment in more than 63 projects. A clear example that our commitment to Peru has always been long-term.

In addition, throughout this time we have incorporated different sustainability programs, which, leveraged by innovation and digital transformation, are now pioneering initiatives in the country and have always sought to maximize the positive and long-term impact on the communities where they are deployed.

One of these is the Sustainable Easements (Servidumbres Sostenibles) program, through which we have installed more than 15 urban gardens in Lima and La Libertad, as well as the first medicinal garden in the capital. These initiatives help more than 200 families in our area of influence to have quality food and obtain additional income from the commercialization of their crops.

This certainly could not be a reality without our people. We have a diverse, passionate and highly qualified talent to implement the projects and initiatives necessary to ensure the creation of value for our stakeholders and society in general. These 20 years of constant growth are undoubtedly the result of the effort and motivation of our talent.

They are the ones who have driven the achievement of major milestones such as the assembly of the first 500 kV transmission system in Peru, the Chilca – La Planicie – Zapallal project, marking a milestone in the country’s energy history. Also, our talent has ensured the operation of the system, despite the countless natural disasters that the country has had to face in recent years, as well as the arrival of a global pandemic in 2020.

We know that the future will be increasingly challenging, but today we reaffirm our higher purpose of transmitting Connections that Inspire, and to be by 2030 a company that articulates and leads the transformation of the electricity sector in Peru. In addition to transporting energy, we work with companies, governments, academia, social organizations, and communities with a comprehensive vision for a sustainable energy future, bringing wellbeing to more and more people.

The commitment is a long-term one, for a fairer, more inclusive country with equal opportunities for all.


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