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ISA's Meeting approved 7,5% dividend increase  

April  01 of 2016
  • ​The meeting also approved the Board of Directors' composition and the financial highlights of 2015 were also disclosed.
  • Nominated by the Nation, Carlos Caballero Argáez joined the Board of Directors.

ISA's Regular Shareholders Meeting, held on March 31 in Medellin, approved for this year the payment of a dividend corresponding to COP 288 per share, a 7,5% increase compared with last year, for the 1´107.677.894 outstanding common shares. This approval involves a disbursement of COP 319.011 million, payable in an ordinary dividend of COP 228 per share and an extraordinary dividend of COP 60 per share, for a total of COP 288, to be paid as follows:


Also, it agreed to create a tax reserve in the amount of COP 95.816 million, as set forth by Article 130 of the Tax Code and an occasional reserve for equity strengthening in the amount of COP 291.494 million, in order to accomplish the investment commitments acquired, contribute to the growth strategy and keep financial soundness.  It should be highlighted that in 2015, the Company obtained a historical net income corresponding to COP 706.321 million and a net profit of COP 610.505 million. Board of Directors

The Meeting ratified (8) members of the Board of Directors. The line of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MHCP) will be filled by Carlos Caballero Argaez, who joins as an independent member nominated by the Nation (MHCP). The decision is made in order to fulfill the commitments made by Colombia in terms of best corporate practices, to join the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Therefore, the Board is composed as follows:

2015 highlights 

• ISA was included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index -DJSI-, the world's most demanding and prestigious sustainability index.

• ISA ended the year with net income of COP 706,321 million, representing A 37,6% increase compared to the previous year, the highest in the Company's history. Regarding the consolidated figures, operating revenues reached COP 5.3 trillion, EBITDA accumulated COP 2.9 trillion and assets closed at COP 28.1 trillion.

• For the first time, ISA discloses its Management Report following the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative -GRI-, in order to publicize, concisely, the process of creating business value.

• ISA obtained the maximum score of 100 points in the measurement made by the Corporación Transparencia por Colombia, on transparency mechanisms and policies among utility companies.

• In 2015, ISA and its affiliate companies made investments in programs and projects benefiting communities for about COP 15 billion.

• ISA received the Award from 2020 Sustainable Leaders Agenda Foundation -ALAS20- in the category of Leading Company in Corporate Governance.

• In the Energy Transmission business, ISA and its companies won projects that will require investments of nearly USD 770 million, which will involve the design and construction of 1080 km of high-voltage circuit and the installation of 2080 MVA of transformation capacity.

• In the Telecommunications Transport, ISA's affiliate INTERNEXA acquired submarine transport infrastructure to connect the United States with Colombia and Brazil, providing a range of services for over 170 Latin American cities.

• In the Management of Real-Time Systems business, XM, due the energy situation caused by the El Nino phenomenon, carried out the analysis of different scenarios, which were disclosed to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the CREG and industry players in order to take necessary measures to keep the reliability of energy supply in the country.

• In the Road Concession business, Ruta del Maipo (Chile) is carrying out the construction of a new lane between the South access to Santiago and the Angostura toll, works that will expand track capacity and alleviate traffic congestion.


Bernardo Vargas Gibsone - CEO