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ISA puts into operation Betania-Mirolindo’s second circuit  

December  26 of 2016
  • ​The new circuit, which was built and to be operated by INTERCOLOMBIA, an ISA's subsidiary, will provide greater availability and reliability to the power system of the country.
  • The approximate annual revenues to be received by the Company will amount to USD 2.7 million.
  • ​Eighty-nine projects benefiting the community were executed in the area.

The project included the installation of an additional power circuit at 230,000 volts, with a length of 206 km, over an existing structure since 1997. In addition, two bays were built at Betania (Yaguará, Huila) and Mirolindo (Ibagué) substations.

The second Betania-Mirolindo circuit will improve network reliability, reduce system restrictions, and guarantee an adequate supply of the power demand in the southwestern area of Tolima, Huila and Caquetá departments, and throughout the country in general.

During its construction, INTERCOLOMBIA developed an important social work in the 65 regions of the power line’s area of influence: 89 community projects which benefited over 4,484 families were developed, generating nearly 350 unskilled labor jobs in the region.

After the operational start of this project, ISA complies with the commitment undertaken with the Mining and Energy Planning Unit (UPME), in the 2013-2027 Generation - Transmission Expansion Plan of Reference.


In 1997, ISA built the first circuit of the Betania - Mirolindo power transmission line at 230 volts. Since then, ISA has been in charge of its operation and maintenance to provide energy to the power system in general, and to back-up the Regional Transmission System (RTS).

In 2013, the National Government, through the Mining and Energy Planning Unit (UPME), recommended the expansion of the existing Betania – Mirolindo circuit, as an alternative to assist the energy problem of the transmission network in the southwestern area. The Ministry of Mines and Energy appointed the construction of the second circuit to ISA.