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ISA, One of the two Latin American electricity transmissions companie listed on the Dow Jones  

September  08 of 2016
  • ​For the second consecutive year ISA was included in the most prestigious and demanding index of sustainability in the world.
  • This year ten electricity transmission companies across the world  were included in the index.
  • The company was awarded the highest grade in the Biodiversity and Transmission categories, and the highest score in the industry for Cyber Security and Information Security. 

For the second consecutive year, ISA was included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) which ratifies it as one of the companies listed on the market with the best practices in sustainability on a global level.  Nine (9) Colombian companies were included in the index this year.

According to the annual report, ISA distinguished itself in the Emerging Markets in the Public Service Sector category. This year only three companies in the world (whose main business concern is the transport of electricity) are part of this indicator.  ISA was one of the two Latin American companies to be included in the Dow Jones, in recognition of the quality of its sustainable management system.

For the 1st time this year, the company brought together the efforts of its largest electricity transport companies, INTERCOLOMBIA, REP in Perú and CTEEP in Brazil, leading it to be awarded the highest grade of 100 points in the Biodiversity and Transmission categories: it also was awarded the highest grade in the industry for the Information and Cyber Security categories. Similarly, it distinguished itself in the relationship with its stakeholders; in Security, Occupational Health, and Citizenship and Corporative Philanthropy; and finally in Social, Risk and Crisis Management. These results are a testament to its unshakable commitment in generating value for its stakeholders.

For Bernardo Vargas Gibsone,  President of ISA, to be included in this index "is the result of a concerted and permanent effort by ISA and its subsidiaries to attain the best practices which will help us consolidate our unshakable commitment of responsibility and leadership as a sustainable company, responsible for our stakeholders and in society in general." 

Being a part of the Dow Jones represents for the company the possibility to: increase its legitimacy with its stakeholders, open new possibilities in the region, have access to new financial resources, and increase its desirability for investors and partners.


ISA Focus On Sustainability 

For ISA, sustainability is a business focus point that allows the company to offer opportunities in a responsible, transparent and ethical manner, managing these opportunities, impacts and economic risks, both environmental and social, with the aim of creating value for its stakeholders while maintaining a competitive advantage and contributing to the development of the communities in which it operates.