Nuestra Empresa - ISA

Social Policy

ISA Economic Group

Approved: JD 630 – November 24, 2005


Grupo ISA’s Social Policy provides the reference framework for performance of the companies at such businesses where they are present, taking into account their forms of organization, cultural expressions, socio-economic situation and territorial levels. As a result of a socially responsible management, Grupo ISA Companies expect being recognized as legitimate, trustworthy organizations committed with the sustainable development of society.


Companies are relevant players on the development of societies; however, they also need social and institutional conditions for making them viable. In such sense, an essential portion of management is to undertake responsibility for any consequences on society concerning any business processes and results, as well as the contribution to generate a favorable milieu.

In the case of companies that satisfy general needs and, therefore related to social welfare and life quality, the existence of a social policy becomes much more important as it allows delimiting responsibilities and facilitating cooperation relations with the State and other institutions.

The fact of providing services under highly complex social, political, economical, cultural and environmental surroundings leads to develop competencies, build alliances and structure an effective management in order to make services viable and contribute to the generation of favorable changes for society. In so far as these results are perceptible and consistent, they will so contribute to the company’s and Grupo ISA’s viability.

Concept reference outline


For Grupo ISA, society is composed by human groups influenced by their activities and services, under their different organizational forms, cultural expressions and territorial levels.

Social Management 

It is the set of actions and affairs developed by Grupo ISA Companies, purported to build a social setting favorable to the provision and continuity of their services. 


It is the effective possibility of developing business operations and processes as a result of a responsible, participative and joint management.


It is the recognition, respect and acceptance by society as the result of a consistent performance in line with the commitments undertaken by Grupo ISA.


Building viability for such activities developed by Grupo ISA Companies, through social management committed to respect human rights, provide best quality and efficient services, timely disclose public interest information, involve in sustainable development and contribute with the welfare of such societies where it is present.

Application criteria

Performance of social management activities by Grupo ISA Companies is based on the following criteria: 


Act on a consistent basis and comply with the commitments undertaken.


Strengthen citizenship action and skill formation for community self-management. 


Provide assistance on situations caused by natural disasters, humanitarian crisis and high social vulnerability at the areas of influence of their services. 


Contribute to sustainability of development processes by articulating plans and resources with competent institutions.

Framework for action

The parent company of Grupo ISA is responsible for leading social management under the commitments with society, in accordance with specific services and the context were they are performed. It will be in charge of corporate scope programs.

Grupo ISA Companies are responsible for developing knowledge of the social settings where they operate and establishing fluid communication processes with society. 

Grupo ISA Companies establish cooperation schemes between companies, the State, the communities and other organizations, purported to create synergies, increase social management impact, reinforce their sustainability and strengthen institutions.

Grupo ISA Companies are responsible for developing competencies, planning, budgeting, managing, evaluating and reporting social management results in accordance with such parameters, requirements and guidelines set by the parent company.

Grupo ISA Companies will extend their commitments arising upon the Social Policy to their suppliers and other interested parties and will take any relevant measures to verify their compliance.