Nuestra Empresa - ISA

Policy for Procurement of Goods and Services

ISA Economic Group

Aproved at Board of Directors’ meeting No. 660 of December 14, 2007


Based on this Policy, all Grupo ISA Companies match the principles and concepts related with the procurement of goods and services and expressly state their commitments with vendors.  


The ongoing development of Grupo ISA requires defining a general framework for the processes concerning the procurement of goods and services, aimed at meeting the needs and assuring the best technical and economic results for the Group’s companies by building long-term relationships with such vendors required by Grupo ISA.

Legal reference framework

Grupo ISA Companies follow, respect and apply all legal provisions in effect concerning contract matters at each country where they are located. Likewise, they apply any relevant bilateral and multilateral conventions, agreements and treaties. Grupo ISA respects any agreements held with minority shareholders. 

Concept reference outline

Standing Legal Provisions

Those instruments upon which the Board of Directors, Directorship or equivalent adopts the rules for -contracting goods and services at each Group company. 


An eventually beneficial interaction process whereby two or more parties intend to have a settlement on their interests through actions made jointly.

Policy scope

Grupo ISA Companies will develop processes for procurement of goods and services that result prompt, timely, efficient, and based on clear rules, that provide scale economies and assure competitiveness, by respecting good faith, transparency and economy.

Application criteria

Good Faith

It is the due, loyal, honest and ethic performance to be followed by parties throughout pre-contractual, contractual and post-contractual stages; therefore, agreements will be binding not only on such matters agreed thereupon, but on those corresponding to the nature thereof as provided by law, in such manner that trust, reliability and safety is present amongst parties.


Procurement processes should be carried out based on clear, impartial and objective procedures that assure equal conditions and opportunities for bidders. 


Procurement processes will be conducted in such manner that the Group companies may select the tender resulting more convenient to their interests and enabling them to execute the agreement that involves the best investment on technical, economic and human resources. 

Framework for action

Grupo ISA Companies:

Look for synergies and scale economies for the Group whenever it is convenient and possible. 

Issue certain regulations through their Assemblies or Boards of Partners, Boards of Directors, Directorships or equivalents, as per their specific needs and following this policy and each country’s standing laws. 

Rely on a negotiation methodology in accordance with this policy.

Continuously strive for improved processes concerning the procurement of goods and services in order to achieve the best results for their businesses.

Follow the Integral Risk Management Policy in connection with the analyses required to preserve all corporate resources and apply any proposed methodologies.

Engage goods and services with companies assuring compliance with specifications and requirements under the Group’s Environmental and Occupational Health Policies and that count on mechanisms to assure safety of those working for vendors.

Grupo ISA Companies’ workers:

Agree to look on to the correct performance of services and procurement of goods and to protect the company’s rights, being liable for their actions and omissions or the failure to comply with their legal duties and obligations assigned by the company.