Nuestra Empresa - ISA

Occupational Health Policy

ISA Economic Group
Approved at Board of Directors’ meeting 651 of April 27, 2007


Based on this policy, Grupo ISA undertakes its commitment to protect, keep and improve occupational health of its workers and those intervening on the execution of processes. 


Grupo ISA recognizes human talent as the most valuable asset and understands that occupational health is essential for its workers’ welfare and positively affects integral development and productivity. Therefore, it will have actions in place purported to promote, preserve and restore health as medical science so applies and recognizes at each country.

In addition, it will strive for conditions diminishing and controlling risk factors inherent to productive activities at each company. 

Legal reference framework

Each Grupo ISA Companies follows, respects and applies all standing legal provisions in connection with occupational health matters from those countries where it is present. Likewise, it applies any relevant conventions, recommendations and bilateral and multilateral treaties. 

Concept outline


It is the physical, psychological and social well-being that enables performing a labor task on an individual and collective basis so that value is added to the organization and contributing to the worker’s integral development.

Occupational Health

It is all such Preventive Medicine, Labor Medicine, Industrial Hygiene and Safety activities purported to preserve, keep and improve individual and collective health of workers at their tasks and which should be executed at their work sites on an integral and inter-disciplinary basis.

Risk Factor

It is any human action or failure to act, phenomenon, characteristic, and element or circumstance which presence or absence is liable of causing substantive damages, injuries, diseases or any combination thereof.


It is the personal, conscious, responsible and permanent attitude to perform activities by procuring the preservation of physical and mental integrity, through previously planned protection and prevention actions on a systematic basis and consistent with best practices.


It is the set of actions purported to identify risk factors in order to control or diminish risks that might affect individual and collective health at work sites and to prevent any work accidents and occupational diseases.

Health promotion 

It is the set of actions performed to contribute with improved health conditions of people and consolidate safe working styles and healthy habits.


In furtherance of their processes, Grupo ISA Companies will preserve occupational health of its workers at all its own or third parties’ work sites, on a permanent basis, by keeping healthy working environments, fostering self-care and applying the best practices in line with corporate strategies.

Vendors will be required and assessed on the accomplishment of standing legal requirements concerning occupational health at each relevant country. 

Each of the Grupo ISA Companies will see that proper occupational health conditions are in place for visitors and vendors while staying at the facilities.

Application Criteria

Grupo ISA Companies adopt the following criteria to apply this policy: 


Grupo ISA Companies agree to: 

Incorporate into the processes any measures required to preserve occupational health of those involved.

Keep safe, healthy work environments where risk factors are identified and controlled.


Grupo ISA recognizes that self-care is a personal attitude aimed at permanent development of safe working styles and healthy life habits. 


Grupo ISA will set the mechanisms for people to actively and effectively involve on identifying and preventing risks and promoting healthy lifestyles.


Directives and anyone involved in business processes should strive for integral care of his/her occupational health as well as his/her work team.

Permanent learning 

Encourage and promote a systematic and updated knowledge on Occupational Health management at Grupo ISA Companies.

Framework for action

Grupo ISA Companies permanently incorporate practices and methodologies to improve Occupational Health management.

Grupo ISA Companies facilitate the development of technical and human skills on health occupation by their workers and those involved in the relevant processes.

All workers from Grupo ISA Companies are responsible for Occupational Health management by identifying, assessing, tracking, communicating and disseminating risk factors related with processes as well as implementing measures for their control and diminishing.

Workers in charge of procurement of goods and services should be acquainted with any risk factors inherent to such new products or technologies and define the control mechanisms before incorporating them into the Group companies processes.

Any workers directly related with the personnel involved in the processes and visitors, are responsible for disclosing the existent risk factors and confirming the compliance with such requirements set by Grupo ISA Companies in connection with Occupational Health.