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Human Management policy

ISA Economic Group
Approved: JD 626 – August 5, 2005


We are an Economic Group that fosters Human Talent development based on the principles of Unit of Purpose and Direction, being always aware of the significance thereof to achieve competitiveness.

ISA Economic Group’s Human Management Policy sets the mutual commitment between each Group company and its respective workers to create a labor environment encouraging their integral development on labor and social aspects by generating identity with the Group’s Strategic Guiding Principles: vision, mission, objective and corporate strategy.

This policy effectively contributes to attract, develop and retain human talent required by each Group company to develop their performance, be competitive, reach their vision and achieve Shared Integral Development: Man – Organization.


Being aware that Human Talent is the main player in business management requires for the Economic Group to define and set a framework for action and relationship with its workers, where development of the Group as such and each of its Companies involves integral development of their human talent.

Legal reference framework

Grupo ISA follows, respects and applies all standing labor legal provisions at each country where it is present; likewise, it applies all relevant bilateral and multilateral conventions and treaties.  

The applicable laws from those places where ISA is present are incorporated into this policy. 

Corporate reference framework

The Group’s Strategic Guiding Principles provide that being business-focused and based on integral human talent development we will strive for permanent recognition at current and prospective markets. 

Corporate Philosophy: 

Our leadership is supported by work team, service approach, the fostering of permanent learning and human talent quality.

It provides that our people are featured by their optimism, persistence, flexibility, creativity, innovation, self-control, ethics and ongoing learning; and it also provides that, at the Group Companies, our workers may find conditions and opportunities for personal, labor and social growth as well as improved life quality.


The ISA Economic Group and each of its Companies set labor relationships with its workers pursuant to the laws and regulations applicable at each country, the standing rules of each Company, individual employment agreements and Collective Agreements in effect.

Under this context, Human Management Policy undertakes to: 

Strive for a mutually-reliable labor environment, based on respectful, clear, equal and fair labor relationships.

Achieve full shared development of people, the group and its companies.

Application criteria


ISA Economic Group supports its business growth, improved processes, increasing competitiveness and business viability on permanent learning, production, documenting, application and availability of its employees’ knowledge.


ISA Economic Group undertakes leadership as a personal commitment to develop capabilities for being, directing, mobilizing, obtaining results and exemplary guiding. 


ISA Economic Group relies on the liability and effective commitment of its staff, individually and by groups, by achieving permanent improvement and development of integral management.


ISA Economic Group values human talent; encourages and recognizes outstanding performance translated into the development of required competencies, achievement and the overcoming of established goals as well as the effective contribution to the scope on established results.

Framework for action

At ISA Economic Group regarding Knowledge:

We identify and develop competencies required for consolidating recognition from the group and each Company within their markets.

We create opportunities, spaces and conditions to acquire, apply, document, share, transfer experience and knowledge.

We value productive experience, self-formation processes and development of creativity and innovation. 

At ISA Economic Group regarding Leadership:

We set programs for its formation and strengthening. 

We facilitate and promote opportunities for access, development and responsible exercise of leadership.

We create institutional spaces where we publicly recognize leaders and teams that significantly contribute to achieve the group’s and its companies’ objectives.

At ISA Economic Group regarding Participation:

We encourage self-development of our workers under day-to-day processes.

We develop a leadership style that fosters integral growth of people and their involvement in decision-making processes.

We stimulate, foster and recognize ideas that positively influence in value creation. 

At ISA Economic Group regarding Recognition: 

We value and promote development of competencies leading to effective management of processes to obtain competitive advantages.

We support and highlight leadership that guarantees business management effectiveness and productivity. 

We guarantee equal opportunities to obtain recognition for outstanding performance.

We encourage the achievement of results adding value to the group and its companies through settled mechanisms.

Compliance, development and incorporation of the Human Management Policy into day-to-day affairs, is a responsibility held by everyone belonging to the Economic Group Companies.

Each company should develop the implementation, appropriation, application and control of this policy.