Nuestra Empresa - ISA


Responding to the Company's strategic manag​ement approved by the Board of Directors and the General Shareholders' Meeting and based on criteria of commitment and leadership, ISA has selected trustworthy professionals who face the ambitious challenge assumed by all the employees on a daily base. These are:

Chief Financial Officer. He received his economics degree from Universidad de los Andes and has a master's in Economics and Economic Development from the same university. He has an MBA from the INSEAD Business School in France. Over the last few years, he has held the following positions: Finance Vice President of Grupo Mundial, International Vice President and Treasury Vice President at Bancolombia, and he formerly worked as ISA's Corporate Finance Manager.

Office Strategy Officer. She received her Corporate Administrator degree from Universidad de Antioquia and was involved in several research projects there. She carried out her MSC Operational Research master's in Lancaster, England. She joined ISA in 1998 as an Employee and Organization Development Analyst. She was an Organizational Development Executive, and a Corporate Planning Executive. In November 2010, she worked as the Corporate Management Manager at Intervial Chile, an affiliate of ISA. Before she was named as VP of Strategy. she was in charge of the ISA Strategic Up-date Project.

Chief Legal Officer. She received her law degree from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana de Medellín, where she also undertook studies in a graduate certificate in Administrative Law and Business Law.

Since 1995, she has worked in the electricity sector, initially as a legal advisor with the Electricity Generator URRÁ S.A. E.S.P., and in October 2000, she joined ISA as a legal advisor to its Wholesale Energy Market Management. In 2004, she was promoted to become the Director of Regulation and Law Department in ISA's Market Operation and Administration Management. After that, she was transfered to the Company XM S.A. E.S.P. where she worked as General Counsel until December 31, 2013 because of an employer substitutio.

Chief Audit Officer. Financial Manager from Politécnico Jaime Isaza Cadavid and Systems Audit Specialist from Universidad EAFIT; he is an ISACA- Certified Information Systems Auditor – CISA. He has served as Internal Control Professional, Internal Audit Sub-director and Business Management Audit Manager at Empresas Públicas de Medellín –EPM; this last position held since 2013.

Carlos Humberto is a lawyer, with a Business Law specialization and a broad expertise and knowledge in human talent management. With a High Management program, he has successfully managed topics such as individual and collective relations, negotiations with unionists, leadership development and high level critical talent, organizational culture development and change management; always aiming at contributing with the profitable development and growth of the business and the generation of excellent work environments. He worked at ISA between 2006 and 2008 as Chief Talent Officer. Then he worked for Sumicol, as Human Talent Manager, where he stayed for almost 8 years.

Director of Corporate Communications. She received a Communications - Journalism degree from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and a graduate certificate in Marketing Management from Universidad de Medellín. Before joining ISA, she worked as Public Relations Manager at Fábrica de Licores y Alcoholes de Antioquia. She joined the Company in March of 1992 as the Chief of the Disclosure Section of Administrative Office. She was promoted to Corporate Image Director of the CEO's Office.

Chief Information Officer. She received her Systems Engineer degree from Universidad EAFIT, and obtained an MBA from Universidad Tecnológico de Monterrey. She joined ISA in May of 1989 as a Professional Analyst and was a level I, II, III Specialist in IT Planning, and later was the Coordinator of IT Engineering Team. In 1996, she was named IT Director of ISA's Administrative Office. She held this position until December of 2013.

Chief Institutional Relations Officer for ISA since September 2017. He holds a Bachelor degree in law from Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá. Since 1996, he has worked as a lawyer at different leading Law Firms in Colombia. Later, He became a partner of Ayerbe Abogados - a leading Law Firm in the west of the country - where he specialized in M&A and corporate law consultancy for national and multinational companies. In 2006, he joined British American Tobacco as Chief Legal and Security Officer and then he also was appointed as the Corporate Affairs Vice president. He worked as Corporate Vice president for ECOORO Mineral Corp; General Manager for Newlink Group Colombia, and Managing Director for FTI Consulting. Finally, before joining ISA as Chief Institutional Relations Officer, he led his own Law Firm, Aligned Growth SAS, a consulting Law Firm, which specializes in legal and corporate affairs.