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Relevant Decisions

Relevant Decision-Making Communication Mechanisms Inside The Company

Members from the Senior Management attend the meetings of the Board of Directors and Board Committees when topics that are under their responsibility are brought to these bodies to decide upon. They attend remotely when topics not related to their expertise are in the agenda of such meetings. This allows Senior Management members to be aware of the debates and decisions, to socialize them at the corresponding teamwork primary groups.

Furthermore, at the Corporate Committee (comprised of all Senior Members and which convenes weekly) topics to be presented before the Board of Directors are discussed and reflections after the Board of Directors’ meeting are made to socialize how relevant topics will be handled.

Relevant Decisions in the Financial Superintendence

In this section, Shareholders and Investors can find the website of the Colombian Financial Superintendence, through which the Company reports the Relevant Decisions made by the Board of Directors to the market and the general public.

These decisions are posted with the aim to provide the different Stakeholders with up-to-date information.​