Nuestra Empresa - ISA

Environmental Policy

Approved JD N° 651 April 2007


Based on this policy, Grupo ISA declares its commitment with environmental management applicable to all its business operations.


Grupo ISA recognizes that its infrastructure-project design, construction, operation and disassembly activities, as well as the operation of its administrative units, require resources and cause environmental impacts and risks. Thus, it is necessary developing a management process that assures that both processes and resources from the group companies are consistent with the search of an environmentally sustainable development at each country where they are present.

Legal reference framework

Grupo ISA Companies respect and follow any environmental rules, laws and regulations in effect at each country where they are present, as well as any relevant conventions, agreements and treaties and the voluntary agreements reached by the companies or the Group. 

Concept outline


Grupo ISA understands environment as the interrelationship between natural and human systems where activities are developed.

Environmental Impact: 

Alteration on the structure and operation of natural and human systems or their relationship, caused by business activities. 

Environmental Risk:

Eventual situation featured by a material threat on environment, as the result of an event caused by business operations and demanding a planned response.

Environmental Management: 

Environmental sustainability and business operations demand a commitment with environmental management which objectives are: 

To identify, assess, prevent, mitigate, control or compensate environmental impacts at all activities developed by the Group companies.

The handling of environmental risks and contingencies that might affect ecosystems, communities or their interrelationships.

The reinforcement of beneficial effects derived upon environmental management on the company’s operations.

The sustainable handling of natural resources exploited under day-to-day processes and activities at all facilities.


Grupo ISA declares its commitment towards business management that enables carrying out business operations within an environmentally sustainable development. 

Application criteria

Grupo ISA Companies adopt the following criteria to apply this policy:

  • Responsibility: Each company will be responsible for the sustainable handling of Natural Resources and the management of environmental impacts and risks caused in furtherance of its operations.
  • Integrity: Physical, biotic, cultural, economic and socio-political dimensions will be taken into account at both the analysis of environmental impacts and the envisioning and implementation of management measures. 
  • Citizen and community involvement: Grupo ISA’s Environmental Management entails participative processes with related Groups of Interest in connection with management of environmental impacts and risks derived upon their operations.
  • Prevention: The management is focused on prevention regarding both impacts and environmental risks and contingencies.

Framework for action

Grupo ISA Companies agree to: 

Respect social, ethnical and cultural diversity as well as natural resources and cultural heritage from each nation where the Group is present.

Implement technical and environmental management processes aimed at prevention, mitigation, control and compensation of environmental deterioration and the reinforcement of environmental management beneficial effects of the company’s operations.

Assure availability of optimal economic, technical and human resources for the development of environmental performance.

Work on permanent improved processes by incorporating environmental quality principles into their services.

Encourage vendors to continuously improve their management performance. 

Develop efficient processes for education, communication, information and citizen and community involvement in aspects concerning environmental impacts and risks caused by the companies’ activities and their management.

Render transparent, periodical reports on environmental management.