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Interconexión Eléctrica S.A. E.S.P ISA


ISA carries out important projects in Linear Infrastructure Systems that drive development in the continent. In order to achieve this, it focuses its activities on Electric Power Transmission, Road ConcessionsTelecommunication Transmission and Management of Real-time Systems.

ISA is recognized today as a Multi-Latin leader with broad technical experience who carries out its activities within the framework of corporate sustainability. Directly and through its 33 affiliates and subsidiaries, it is currently implementing important infrastructure projects that boost the continent´s progress and contribute to the advancement of the inhabitants of inhabitants of Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Panama and Central America.

Since 1967, the Company has distinguished itself with the efficient and reliable provision of its services, in a framework of respect for human rights and protection of the environment, with the aim to promote regional sustainability and competitiveness, improvement of quality of life and the development of the societies where it operates. All of this is thanks to a team comprised of more than 3,600 highly qualified and committed workers.

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Board of Directors

Transporte de Energía Eléctrica  

Each year, the General Shareholders'
Meeting approves the election of
the members of the Board of Directors.
These illustrious professionals are characterized for having the experience, knowledge and leadership necessary to
carry out said role. See more


Company Policies

Junta de Accionistas ISA  

Corporate Control contains organization elements that contribute to the achievement of objectives, in line with set goals. With this system, ISA aims to ensure: Efficacy, efficiency and economy in operations, and protection and safeguarding of assets. See more


Corporate Reports

Informes Empresariales  

Every year since 1997, the Company has published Corporate Reports as a good communication practice with its Stakeholders, in order to keep them informed of the results of company's corporate management, projects, investment and administrative, financial and legal standing. See more