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​​​​Comprehensive Risk Management

The Corporate Policy of Comprehensive Risk Management seeks to preserve the integrity of corporate resources, continuity and sustainability of business units. For this, ISA and its companies permanently perform the identification, analysis, evaluation, monitoring and communication of risks to which they are exposed, in order to minimize impacts on the financial resources and reputation.

Each company implements the risk cycle and has a map including their identification, assessment, and administration measures. This information is updated and consolidated on a quarterly basis. At the end of the validity, the consolidated risk profile for ISA and its companies showed the following picture in its 17 risk categories.

The management of risks contributes to describe the operational context of each business, where the variation of macroeconomic tendencies for the sector, changes to regulations, violation to Human Rights; social, environmental, and property transformations; shortage of natural resources, and political factors, among others, will be considered.


Risk profile of ISA and its companies | Dec 2019

Gestión integral de riesgos 2020_EN.jpg


Relevant risk per business unit | Dec 2019

Riesgos Relevantes por negocio 2020_EN.jpg


​Relevant risk per country | Dec 2019


PDF - Risk Map for ISA and its Companies | 2019

PDF - Comprehensive Risk Management Policy