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Corporate Policies

Action Framework is the body of documents that integrate the principles, values and codes of conduct for ISA and its companies. They are the navigation chart of behaviors against which the organization declares its approach and commitments towards stakeholders.

Policies are corporate decisions based on declarations of principles by which frameworks for action that guide ISA’s management and its companies in specific aspects are defined. Policy purposes are:

  • Procurement: To develop procurement processes for goods and services that incorporate quality and cost criteria, while giving suppliers a transparent and equitable treatment based on criteria of efficiency and competitiveness.
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  • Environmental: To have a responsible environmental management regarding the natural resources required by the business activities, and the resulting risks and impacts, in order to ensure that the processes and operations of ISA and its companies are aligned with the pursuit of sustainable development.
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  • Communication: To ensure a transparent, timely, clear and coherent communication at ISA and its companies that contributes to the achievement of the company’s strategy, strengthens the relationships with key audiences and preserves the good name of the companies.
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  • Control: To establish principles for the effective and efficient operation of the control system at ISA and its companies to contribute to the achievement of organizational objectives.
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  • Asset Management: To manage assets with a comprehensive life-cycle vision, considering the optimization of cost, risk and performance to achieve maximum value and achieve goals sustainably.
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  • Human Management: To establish principles to attract, develop and retain human talent of ISA and its companies within a framework of labor relationships that are clear, respectful, equitable and fair to generate an environment of trust and the comprehensive development of the human, labor and social aspects.
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  • Comprehensive Risk Management: To pursue the integrity of the corporate resources, the continuity and sustainability of the business units through constant management of the risks ISA and its companies are exposed to.
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  • Information and Knowledge: To recognize the strategic value of information and knowledge in the development of the business units, understanding them as determining assets that need to be preserved, protected and managed to achieve corporate improvement, to build synergies and ensure the continuity of the operation of ISA and its companies.
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  • Occupational Health and Safety: To protect and preserve health and safety of workers, suppliers, third parties, visitors and stakeholders of ISA and its companies through safe and healthy work environments, self-care and the application of good prevention practices.
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  • Service: To establish the principles of action for the provision of quality and timely services with competitive prices, aimed at satisfying customers and building long-term relationships.
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  • Social: To conduct a comprehensive social management as a fundamental part of corporate sustainability, which contributes to the viability and legitimacy of ISA and its companies, by linking as relevant actors in the creation of a favorable environment for development.
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  • Policy for isa group’s fiscal auditor or external auditor: To establish the guidelines for the selection, appointment, disqualifications and rotation of the Fiscal Auditor or External Auditor for ISA and its companies.
    Read more about the Policy for isa group’s fiscal auditor or external audito