Nuestra Empresa - ISA

Corporate Control System

The Corporate Control System contains the organization's elements that help the employees to achieve their objectives, in line with the goals set by the Company.

With this system, ISA aims to ensure:

  • Effectiveness, efficiency and economy in its operations.
  • Protection and guarantee of resources.
  • Reliable and timely information.
  • Permanent improvements to management through assessment mechanisms such as surveys and follow-up.
  • Compliance with policies, standards and procedures

To learn more about ISA's Control System, we invite you to read the following information:

Control Environment

Includes: The Code of Ethics, Corporate Governance Code, Mission, Vision, development plan, comprehensive management model, operation by processes, structuring by Strategic Business Units and Corporate Services Units, roles, empowerment, etc.

Risk Management

Risk policy, comprehensive risk management and risk map.

Control Activities

Comprised of the policies, administrative instructions, guides, normalization and standardization of processes, disclosure and application of legislation and regulation, comprehensive management chart, budget, allocation and segregation of responsibilities, performance contracting, etc.

Information and Communication

Information Policy, Integrated Information System, Development Plan Follow-up System, staff system, communication policy, websites and Isanet.


This control mechanism is basically comprised of the audits and studies, client satisfaction evaluation, performance assessment, skills assessment, work climate evaluation, follow-up of the development plan, follow-up of the management indicators, follow-up of budget execution, follow-up of the improvement plans, follow-up of contracting and financial control, among others.



Statutory Auditor Reports

External Auditor's Opinion on Management and Results​


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