Nuestra Empresa - ISA

Our future is inspired by  SUSTAINABLE VALUE

The first year of implementation of the ISA2030 Strategy was characterized by the achievement of major milestones, the creation of initiatives and a variety of indicators to mobilize the achievement of strategic objectives, the identification and allocation of individual contributions from each of the affiliates to the major goals of the group, the definition of the scheme for monitoring the implementation of the strategy and alignment with the budget, and performance management.

 ISA’s strategy for 2030 seeks the creation of Sustainable Value, which allows us to go beyond the generation of solely economic value. It is our great commitment to generate value over time, not only for shareholders but also to create a positive social and environmental impact, ensuring corporate longevity.  Based on the higher purpose CONNECTIONS THAT INSPIRE, which accompanied by its principles and complemented by the Code of Ethics and Conduct, the Code of Good Corporate Governance and the commitments with Stakeholders represents the business philosophy.


The ISA2030 strategy proposes concrete initiatives and objectives for growth, reduction of environmental impacts, investment in innovation, new energy businesses, and entrepreneurship.​

​From profitable growth to sustainable value​
Balanced Portfolio​
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