Nuestra Empresa - ISA

Ethics Committee

These are the members of the Ethics Committee of ISA and its business areas:


Bernardo Vargas Gibsone         

Chief Executive Officer​

Carlos Humberto Delgado Galeano ​

Corporate Talent Vice President
(Ethics Committee President)


Sonia Margarita Abuchar Aleman                      

Legal Vice President

Olga Lucía López Marín 

Information Technology Vice President


Germán Jaramillo Olano


Carlos Ignacio Mesa Medina                                    

Corporate Audit Vice President
(Ethics Committee Technical Secretary)​


Below, corporate responsibilities and ISA parent company responsibilities appointed to this committee:

Corporate Responsibilities

  • To establish guidelines for the ethics management in ISA and its affiliates.
  • To promote in ISA and its affiliates a culture guided by principles and ethical actions. To serve as an organ of consultation to the different Ethics Committees.
  • To follow up the company ethics management and report such management to ISA's senior management and Board of Directors.

ISA Parent Company Responsibilities

  • To define objectives and strategies to support the company's ethics management.
  • To ensure the proper implementation of the objectives and the strategies defined for ethics management. To identify and propose possible modifications to the Code of Ethics.
  • To promote awareness of the Code of Ethics and its compliance in the company.
  • To serve as an organ of consultation for employees or third parties about the facts or circumstances affecting company ethics.
  • To analyze freely and objectively each of the code of ethics nonconformity enquires and reports presented.
  • To guide and support the analysis and investigations needed to clarify reports presented through the Ethics Line.
  • To periodically inform -through its President or Technical Secretary- the Corporate Audit Committee about the ethics management performed, including events reported, the result from the analysis and investigations done and the decisions made. Similarly, it could inform the ethics management to other levels deemed relevant.
  • To provide feedback to processes owners about those events which could impact ethics during the development of such processes and recommend possible administration measurements.
  • To evaluate ethics management to establish whether objectives have been complied or not, and areas for improvement. ​