Nuestra Empresa - ISA

Background and conceptualization


Groups' rationale for the construction of a new code to be addressed by stakeholders. 

This initiative is supported by the review of the current document made in 1998 and the obvious need for an updated text that provides responses.
1.       Need for renewal and update of the ethics code to integrate and articulate the company's ethical statements included in other documents. 
2.       Importance of having an integrated declaratory instrument related to the behavior and nature of the employees of ISA and its companies regarding ethics. 
3.       Need for having a motivational instrument that generates cohesion around the culture of the business group. 
4.       Multiculturalism and regional diversity of ISA and its companies. 
5.       Demands of entities related to RSE: GRI- ETHOS – ISO 26000.
6.       Market demands: BOVESPA – Corporate Sustainability Index


Ethics for ISA and its companies:
For ISA and its companies, ethics is the set of principles that guide their actions. Thanks to ethics, it is possible to be consistent in decision making and in the relationship with stakeholders, in pursuit of business goals and the common good.