Nuestra Empresa - ISA

Background and Conceptualization


The Group's reasons for creating a new code and for it to be guided by the stakeholders. 

This initiative is supported by the review of the current document prepared in 1998 and the visible need to create an updated text in response. 

  1. The need to modernize and update the code of ethics, so that it incorporates and coordinates the company's ethical statements included in other documents. 
  2. The importance of having an integrated declaration instrument on the conduct and character of ISA and its companies' workers in terms of ethics. 
  3. The need to have a motivational instrument that creates cohesion in terms of the corporate group culture. 
  4. The multiculturalism and regional diversity of ISA and its companies. 
  5. Demands of the entities regarding corporate responsibility: GRI- ETHOS – ISO 26000.


Ethics for ISA and its companies:

For ISA and its companies, ethics are a set of principles that guide their actions. Thanks to ethics, ISA can be coherent in decision-making and in relations with the stakeholders, in pursuit of the corporate objectives and common good.