Nuestra Empresa - ISA

Code of Ethics and Conduct

ISA evolves and declares a higher purpose that is materialized in the phrase CONNECTIONS THAT INSPIRE, which allows us to redefine the physical act of connecting into something different. The reason is: when we connect one point to another point, we are connecting people, making each connection an inspiring action. Our higher purpose connects us with an emotional aspect to identify ourselves with our audiences. We want to express our intention of being more cooperative, more human, more committed to the planet and its inhabitants.

CONNECTIONS THAT INSPIRE guides our business philosophy, exceeds the limits of our business, places us on the focus of meaningful conversations for society, and represents great challenges and commitments we undertake with dedication and commitment.

In accordance with our higher purpose, we then advance towards a new strategic vision aimed at evolving from the concept of profitable growth to the concept of sustainable value, which includes business ethics as the governing principle.

Ethics defines the global nature of the organization. It is a key basis for confidence-building for all those with whom we relate since it is identified as the intrinsic characteristic of our managers and employees.

Since its inception, ISA and its companies have based their identity on ethical principles grounded on the adoption of honest, coherent, correct and socially responsible conducts that promote the strategic cycles and are a guarantee of responsible value generation for all stakeholders.

As part of ISA's action framework, the Code of Ethics and Conduct intends to materialize the corporate philosophy through guiding principles for ethical actions based on the highest principles and values of all stakeholders.

*Code of Ethics and Conduct