Nuestra Empresa - ISA

​​Corporate Framework

It is the set of statements that guides ISA’s behavior in response to the commitments to stakeholders.
ISA has declared the phrase CONNECTIONS THAT INSPIRE its higher purpose. This expression allows reshaping the physical act of connecting into something transcendental; because when one point is connected to another, people are connected, making each connection an inspiring act.
CONNECTIONS THAT INSPIRE contains our corporate philosophy, goes beyond the limits of our business, and represents great challenges and commitments we undertake with coherence.
The higher purpose and its maxims are the main expression of the behavior, acting and beliefs of ISA companies. It is complemented with the Code of Ethics and Conduct, the ISA´s Good Corporate Governance Code, and Commitments with Stakeholders.
The Code of Ethics and Conduct includes guiding ethical principles for the performance of all managers and employees of ISA and its companies.
ISA´s Good Corporate Governance Code , compiles and incorporates the set of principles, rules, means, practices and processes, through which ISA is directed, operated and controlled, always aiming at business efficiency, to boost growth and promote investor's trust at nationally and internationally.
Stakeholders are the group of persons, organizations, and institutions with whom ISA and its companies construct and share common interests.  ISA is committed to develop, strengthen and promote mechanisms of relationship and commitment to its stakeholders to:
  • Promote ethical, transparent, constructive and respectful Human Rights relations.  
  •  Generate communication channels that provide information and ensure spaces for dialogue.  
  •  Strengthen relationships based on trust and legitimacy.
  • Provide timely information of public interest.  
  •  Contribute to the sustainable development and welfare of our society.
There are also regulatory, management, and process documents based on previous elements which complement definitions and practices applied to each company. They include corporate policies, which are being reviewed and updated online with new strategic definitions.