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About Us

ISA is a Linear Infrastructure Systems Company that focuses its efforts on the search for new opportunities in the region to increase profitability and achieve the company's sustainability.

We contribute to the economic growth of our Shareholders and Investors and the development of the communities we operate in; we provide specialist services to our clients, we hire our providers fairly and ​we contribute to the personal and professional growth of our employees.

Corporative Presentation​​​​

Board of Directors

Transporte de Energía Eléctrica  

The Corporation's highest management
body is the Shareholders' Meeting, composed of natural and legal persons
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Company Policies

Junta de Accionistas ISA  

Grupo ISA Companies clearly and expressly define the objective, systematic and endorsed application of internal control for all companies. See more


Corporate Reports

Informes Empresariales  

To effectively disclose updated information to its Stakeholders, ISA highlights the most outstanding events regarding the corporation and its operation. See more