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Interconexión Eléctrica S.A. E.S.P ISA


ISA is a Multi-Latin, relevant, and renowned Corporate Group on Electric Energy Transmission, Road Concessions, and Information and Telecommunications Technology. We develop our business based on the creation of sustainable value and excellence in corporate governance practices, strengthening with each operation the trust gained by governments, partners, allies, and communities.

In a highly changing and demanding global environment, governed by sustainability, we work for the mitigation, adaptation to climate change, reliability of the services we deliver, the rational use of resources, and for a more inclusive society.

When connecting one point to another in a sustainable manner, we are improving the quality of life of more than 350 million people in Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, and Central America, through the operation of our 43 affiliates and subsidiaries.

We continue evolving after celebrating our 50th anniversary. Our way of working, communicating, and relating expresses our commitment to the future.
We accept the challenge of going beyond and be prepared to compete in convergence scenarios across sectors, smart cities, open innovation, and emerging technologies, making each connection an inspiring action.
The legal nature of Interconexion Electrica S.A. E.S.P. –ISA– corresponds to a mixed public utility company, formed as a limited liability company, of commercial nature, national, and bonded to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, governed by Laws 142 and 143 of 1994 and headquartered in Medellin (Colombia).
The Company has state and private investors. Its stocks and bonds are traded in the Colombia Stock Exchange. Also, the Company includes Level I ADR negotiated in the U.S. Over the Counter –OTC– market. Moreover, the Company implements highstandards related to transparency, efficiency,and corporate governance that provide protection and confidence on the part of investors, allowing a sustainable growth.
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Board of Directors

Transporte de Energía Eléctrica  

The Corporation's highest management
body is the Shareholders' Meeting, composed of natural and legal persons
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Company Policies

Junta de Accionistas ISA  

Grupo ISA Companies clearly and expressly define the objective, systematic and endorsed application of internal control for all companies. See more


Corporate Reports

Informes Empresariales  

To effectively disclose updated information to its Stakeholders, ISA highlights the most outstanding events regarding the corporation and its operation. See more