Nuestra Empresa - ISA

Our Talent

The Corporate Human Management Policy aims at developing and retaining human talent of ISA and its companies within a framework of labor relationships that are clear, respectful, equitable and fair to generate an environment of trust and the comprehensive development of human, labor and social aspects.

For the Company, it is relevant to permanently maintain and manage human talent as an axis of the competitive advantages and the strategy, as well as addressing the risk of lack of institutional knowledge and brain drain.

On this point, ISA and its companies enable human talent through the management of employees, organizational design, and knowledge management, framed within cultural traits and government schemes defined in ISA.

During 2017, ISA took actions to frame human talent management within the interrelation of the following elements:    


  • Transformation model of organizational talent: It promotes the relationship between leaders and employees for generating value to the organization.    
  • Leadership style: It is the decoding of leadership in functions and roles, so that leaders mobilize the cycle of talent, performance and development towards achieving results.    
  • Talent cycle: It comprehensively presents the key moments that ensure human talent management in everyday life. ​​