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​Social Management

modelo-gestion-social.JPGISA to accomplish its positioning as a Multilatina leader in “technical excellence and business sustainability” has adopted a new business approach which allows to manage in a responsible, transparent, and ethical manner, the opportunities, impacts, and economical, environmental, and social risks; in order to create value for its stakeholders, maintain its competitive advantage and contribute to development of societies where it has presence.

This new perspective involves hosting a new Model of Social Management. The model allows to provide greater impetus to social actions developed by the subsidiaries, increase the degree of alignment of these against corporate premises, measuring the effectiveness of management performance against its aims or intrinsic goals, as well as its contribution to the ISA 2020 .

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Environmental management

Make a responsible environmental management on the use of natural resources required by business activities and the impacts and risks generated, in order to ensure that the processes and operations of ISA and its companies are aligned with the pursuit of sustainable development.

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Environmental performance

Develops and implements tools and environmental management systems that contributes to continuous improvement in the assets life cycle, promotes sustainable and efficient use of natural resources, controls the impacts and ensure compliance with objectives and performance targets.

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Climate change

Climate Change management is a top-level priority that convenes joint action of governments, society and business. Considering its importance in the energy sector, ISA advances in defining the Climate Strategy for the group and offsets the greenhouse gases produced by the operation of the NTE.

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Sustainability Goals

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