Responsabilidad Social Empresarial - ISA

ISA and Human Rights



ISA understands Human Rights as moral attributes that are inherent in each person and are inalienable and universal, therefore respect for these rights is a moral and ethical imperative that is ratified in its policies; daily work; active participation in local, regional and national spaces of discussion; in establishing agreements for action; and by signing on to the Global Compact.


This means that the Company controls its actions so that in the construction, operation and maintenance of its businesses, it is able to prevent or avoid violating human rights. Moreover, it promotes Human Rights education to foster knowledge of the instruments and mechanisms of enforceability available to the communities in the areas where ISA operates.

  • Public Policy Business and Human Rights: The National Strategy on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law is the result of a long process of discussion with civil society, private sector and government institutions, intended to become the guiding framework that promotes a coordinated action of the State institutions and, at the same time, serve as a reference point for companies that operate in Colombia. Generating certain guidelines for this public policy is framed in the creation of the National System for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law based on Decree 4100 of 2011. ISA has already carved a path in this area. As a major player in society, it follows the guidelines through which public policy is instrumented, and a good portion of these are recognized in its activity.

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