Responsabilidad Social Empresarial - ISA

Tracking​ and monitoring

The Transparency Corporation for Colombia delivered the results of the 2018 Business Transparency Measurement, where 23 companies in the country's public services sector were voluntarily evaluated. ISA received, once again, the rating that places it as a company with a low risk of corruption.
This measurement, carried out every two years, is a tool that aims to promote the culture of integrity in the business sector and provide good practices for institutional strengthening.
ISA also received from Transparency for Colombia, the confirmation indicated by its Business Ethics Program, as a good practice to share in the Round of Good Practices, led by the Corporation. This presentation will take place within the framework of the event, where the results of the Business Transparency Measurement will be officially delivered.

Other recognitions for its good corporate governance

In 2015 and 2016 ISA was awarded the Alas20 Award for Best Corporate Governance in Colombia, which is an even more significant achievement in a majority public company. The company also received the Empresa Alas20 Colombia 2017 award, the most important in the category of companies that recognizes "leadership and excellence in public disclosure of information on its investor relations, sustainable development and corporate governance practices."


Ethical line

At ISA and its companies, different consultation and reporting channels have been developed so that all Stakeholders can consult or report on compliance or non-compliance with this framework of action.

Each of our subsidiaries has its ethical line to be able to consult or report any breach of the Code of Ethics and Conduct.​