Responsabilidad Social Empresarial - ISA

​Our purpose

ISA evolves and declares a higher purpose that is embodied in the phrase CONNECTIONS THAT INSPIRING, which allows us to resignify the physical act of connecting, in something transcendent. This purpose, reflects our business philosophy, exceeds the limits of our business, places us at the center of relevant conversations for society, represents great challenges and commitments that we undertake with dedication and commitment. In line with our higher purpose, we then take a step towards a new strategic vision, aimed at transcending the concept of profitable growth to that of sustainable value, which includes business ethics as a guiding principle.

Ethics defines the global character of the organization, it is a fundamental base in the generation of trust for all those with whom we interact, since it is identified as the intrinsic characteristic of our managers and workers. Since its creation, ISA and its companies have sustained their identity in ethical principles based on the adoption of honest, coherent, suitable and responsible behaviors, which transcend strategic cycles and are a guarantee of responsible value generation for all stakeholders.

Based on our Code of Ethics and Conduct and on the actions and ethical attributes promulgated, the Business Ethics and Compliance Program has been designed through which ISA and its companies seek to strengthen ethics as a cultural feature that permeates each of our decisions. and actions. Likewise, it allows managing in each geography and business, regulatory compliance related to fraud, corruption, bribery, money laundering and terrorist financing events that may affect business resources and, therefore, the Group's reputation and sustainability.